The Poké Clock, the Friendship Square and more news in the new Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shining Pearl trailer

In addition to leaving us with a new preview of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, The Pokémon Company has also surprised us with a new trailer for Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl, the remakes of these editions that will arrive on Nintendo Switch in a couple of months and about the that we have already seen how they have changed since their passage through Nintendo DS.

Thanks to the video, has been confirmed the return of the Poké Clock, a tool full of exciting functions, among which will be the possibility of selecting from it the hidden movements such as Rock Climber, Surf or Cut so that it is not necessary to teach them to our Pokémon.

Another novelty revealed has been the Friendship Square, where we can release our Pokémon to walk quietly and thus forge a more extraordinary friendship with all of them. Likewise, we have been able to observe that the day and night cycles will also be present.

For the rest, the rest of the sequences focus on some of the wild Pokémon that we will find, as well as certain special characters related to the plot that will take place in the Sinnoh region, where we will have to return with a new graphic section from the November 19.