NVIDIA doubles the price of GeForce Now subscription for new users

NVIDIA doubles the price of GeForce Now subscription for new users

GeForce Now entering its second year of life since it was opened to the public to announce a price increase for new subscribers. INVIDIA has taken advantage of its service. N this case, the company has decided to replace the Founders subscription, which had a price of 5.49 euros per month, for the Priority call, whose monthly rate goes up to 9.99 euros.

For practical purposes, this Priority subscription offers the same as the Founders did. That is: priority access to the servers to play, long session duration, and RTX activated. It should be remembered that there is still a free subscription that carries a series of limits, such as standard access to the servers, which can lead to waiting queues, game sessions of one-hour maximum, and no RTX.

For those who are apparent from the beginning that they are going to keep the service activities throughout the year, the Priority subscription offers as a novelty an annual rate of 99.99 euros, equivalent to 8.33 euros per month. And this is important: anyone already paying for a Founders subscription can keep it for life if they wish at the previous price of 5.49 per month.

GeForce Now Enhancements Also Coming

The update 2.0.28 GeForce Now has started rolling out already, and, according to the company, it should be available to all subscribers within a week. The main novelty has to do with an increase in the quality of the streaming itself. In this case, they say from Nvidia that one of the ways to achieve this improvement is through an adaptive Vsync technology .

This technology synchronizes the frame rate on the server-side to 60 or 59.94 Hz to match the framerate of the screen on the client-side, which reduces the occurrence of freezes and latency in all those compatible games.

In addition to this, NVIDIA claims to be working on solutions that allow subscribers to enter games faster, such as updates to the game preload system that will enable you to start playing in half the time it takes now…

As for the catalog, the company wants to go from 10 new games added per week on average to 15 this year.