OneWheel Pint: Electric Scooters Will Have A Rival With A Single Wheel And Easier To Ride

OneWheel Pint electric scooters will have a rival with a single wheel and easier to ride

Starting in May, the sidewalks and streets will be able to have a new advanced tenant that joins the electric scooters that we see more and more. OneWheel Pint is the new electric skateboard model that will hit the markets in May at a debatably affordable price.

More compact and less complicated to use

OneWheel has decided to lower the price, size, and features of its first electric skateboard on the market to have more presence on the streets of cities where electric scooters predominate.

The new OneWheel Pint is a skateboard where the generous size of its only wheel stands out and with the help of which it will be possible to circulate at a speed of up to 25 km/h during the 10 to 13 kilometers of autonomy that the new version gives us. It is, therefore, not necessary to think of it as more than a complementary mode of displacement

More compact and less complicated to use

The new skateboard is compact and manageable. It is less than 70 cm long and has a detachable magnetic handle that makes it easy to transport. Another curious novelty is the indicated LED on its surface, valid both to inform the environment of our presence and to know, for example, the status of the battery.

At the level of use, the most interesting thing about this OneWheel Pint is the Simplestop mode for newbies, created for an easier stop with a single backward gesture and in which the accelerometers that maintain balance are automatically deactivated.

Reservations can be made right now to start receiving the first units next May. Despite the price reduction compared to the superior model, the label continues to indicate that it is an exclusive product: $950.