Problems with the Internet of Pepephone, Yoigo and MásMóvil, what is happening?

  • Do you have problems with the Internet of MásMóvil, Yoigo, or Pepephone? Relax, you are not alone.

The Internet service at MásMóvil and Pepephone’s home is experiencing some problems this morning. Many clients of both companies have reported being suffering from connection failures, and the operator itself has claimed to be aware of the problems through its Twitter profile.

The fall of Pepephone and MásMóvil seems to be affecting a certain number of users, but not all customers with a contracted fiber service. On platforms such as DownDetector, you can see how more and more people report having problems with the fiber of Pepephone, MásMóvil, and Yoigo.

The fall in the MásMóvil network appears to affect only the fiber service and not the company’s mobile network. That is why some clients can browse through mobile data but cannot do so when connected to the Wi-Fi network.

A few minutes later, from the first customer notices, Pepephone has published a tweet on his profile specifying that he is already working on solving the problems. However, it has not been confirmed what the cause that has left thousands of people without Internet in the last hours is.

Update | 12:30

Little by little, everything is returning to normal, and the clients of Pepephone, MásMóvil, and Yoigo can once again surf the Internet without problems. Although the operators have not confirmed having solved the problems, fewer and fewer users report failures with their connection. Some claim to have regained the ability to access the network .