The 7 best apps to dub videos on Android


In the Google Play Store, there are Android apps of all kinds, like some to surprise your friends and have a fun time. We are specifically talking about applications to dub videos to make other people smile or other, and we tell you the seven that you should try on your mobile phone.

Surely on many occasions, you have wanted to star in moments of your favorite movies or series. With these voice dubbing apps, which are available on both Android and iOS, you can put your voice to scenes from movies and well-known series for dubbing. If you can match your voice with the right image, surely you get more than one smile from someone.

The 7 best apps to dub videos on AndroidWith the advancement of technology, dubbing a video has become a simple task, since you only need your mobile phone and a good idea. In addition, with these applications, you can have your video dubbed in just a few minutes, so do not hesitate to take a look at the complete list.

Top best apps for voice dubbing on Android

  • TikTok
  • Madlib
  • Video Voice Dubbing
  • Pub
  • Dubsmash
  • Follywood

TikTokTikTokTikTok has become one of the most popular social networks this year. The goal is for users to share short videos, but the application also allows funny dubbing and montage, whether of conversations, songs, or phrases. Even the contents of movies or television series do not lack, although this time you put your face and the voice is in charge of the platform.


Madlib is possibly the best-known voice dubbing app on this list. An app with a wide catalog of movie clips and television series to cover, thus offering options for all tastes. It also allows you to gossip about the creations of other users, save the videos on your device and share them on social networks.

Video Voice Dubbing Editor

Video Voice Dubbing Editor is an interesting video dubbing app that offers a wide variety of options, such as replacing the audio of a video and putting your voice in real-time. On the other hand, it also offers the possibility to mute audio from any video or extracts it and save it as a voice note on your device.


The pub is a video dubbing app available for Android devices that offers the option of putting your voice to a wide variety of videos and scenes from movies and series. Its strong point is that it also works as a kind of social network, where you can create your profile and gain followers, as well as comment on the publications of others or share your creations through other tools, such as WhatsApp.


Dubsmash is another one of the most used and popular video dubbing apps. A tool that allows you to create video clips, dubbing, or parodies, among other options. Once your imagination is unleashed, and your funny video is created, you can save it on your smartphone and share it on other platforms for your friends to see.


Follywood stands out for offering a great variety of dubbed videos that have become popular and to which you can always put your voice. An interesting tool that offers the option of adding several tracks, keeping the original audio, or including subtitles, among other features.


DUB AND FUN stand out for being a simple video editor that offers the option of replacing the original sound of a video in question with your voice. As a highlight, it allows you to import files directly from your smartphone.