Aging apps: the best options to see how you will be as an old man

  • Skip a few years of your life and see how you will look when you grow up, thanks to these aging apps.
  • Okay, we’ve gifted FaceApp millions of anonymous photos of faces; now what?
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The desire to know what our appearance will be like in about 30 or 40 years ensures the popularity of aging apps, which use artificial intelligence to show us how the passage of time will affect our faces. If you also want to see how you will be as an old man, be attentive because we recommend the best aging apps that you can use.

After analyzing the Google Play Store, we have discovered that there are countless apps to age faces. Unfortunately, not all of them successfully meet their premise.

After trying many of the available apps below, we talk about the best options, the ones you can trust to see how you will be in a few decades.

The best apps to simulate aging

  • FaceApp
  • Snapchat
  • Aging Booth
  • Make me old
  • Old face maker

Are you ready to enter the time machine? The future is uncertain, and no app can accurately show you what you will look like in 40 years. Taking into account this fundamental detail, we will talk about the best apps to simulate aging.



This is how Mark Zuckerberg would look after going through the most popular aging app: FaceApp.

FaceApp has already established itself as one of the best apps to grow old -or the best today- and change your face in any other way using artificial intelligence.

Just take a photo or choose an image from the device gallery and apply the old man filter for the app to do its job. As you can with the example of Mark Zuckerberg, the results offered by FaceApp when aging the face are outstanding.

The great performance of the app explains its appearance in this guide, but we cannot ignore the numerous controversies carried out by FaceApp. After removing some racist face filters a few years ago, the Russian application continues to be constantly questioned by the dubious privacy of the photos that users upload to the platform. That aside, FaceApp’s aging filter does an excellent job.



Snapchat has a special filter for aging the face

Despite the drop in users suffered after the launch of Instagram Stories, Snapchat is still a social network with interesting functions. One of them is its age filter, which can help you reduce or increase your age by 20 or 30 years in a virtual way.

Added at the end of 2019, this tool called “Time Machine” has a slider that you must move to the left to take years off your face and to the right to put them on.

As you move the control to the right, you can see how your face ages and progressively becomes that of an older man. Like FaceApp, Snapchat’s age filter ensures good results.

Aging Booth

Aging Booth

Aging Booth is another good app to see how you will be as an old man

With over 10 million downloads on the Play Store, Aging Booth is one of the most popular aging apps for Android. Its operation is extremely simple: you take a “selfie” or choose a photo from the gallery and adjust the key points to the eyes, mouth, and chin.

Seconds later, Aging Booth takes you to 2050 and shows you what you will look like on that date. Although the results are not as successful as in previous apps, Aging Booth is a good app to remove your curiosity and find out what your face could be like in a few years.

Make me old

Make me old

Its name says it all: with this aging application, you can see how you could be in a few years.

Like other applications of this type, “Make Me Old” allows you to scan your face through a photo and then apply an aging effect that will add wrinkles where there were none before.

The results are quite striking, and it is undoubtedly one of the best face-aging apps you can download.

Old face maker

Old face maker

With Old Face Maker, you can apply aging masks to your face

The last aging app that we recommend is Old Face Maker, with a different procedure than the previous options.

Instead of passing your photo through an aging filter, in this app, you should be the one to add the masks of elderly faces to your own face. After adding it, you can play with the aging percentage and adjust the mask to change the appearance of your face.

In addition to having face stickers, with Old Face Maker, you can also check how your face would be with other elements such as beard, mustache, wig, or the rest of the stickers that the app offers you. In short, it is a good free tool to see how your face will change over time.