How To Create a Totally Anonymous Facebook Profile to Protect your Privacy: Step by Step Guide


Facebook is the most problematic social network in terms of privacy and user security. To cite just one case, in September 2019, it was revealed that Mark Zuckerberg’s company stored more than 400 million unprotected phone numbers.

How to create a totally anonymous Facebook profile to protect your privacy step by step guide

Despite advances in privacy on the social network, entering with your personal data can still be a significant risk, a danger that you can avoid if you use an anonymous profile. Next, we explain step by step how to create one to use Facebook without it getting to know your private information.

How to create an anonymous Facebook profile step by step

1º- Get a new email or phone number

To register with a new account on Facebook, you need to enter your email or phone number. When you want that new profile to be completely anonymous, you must get an email account or phone number that does not have any of your personal information.

To do this, you can create your new email account or phone number from 0 (always making sure not to enter your data), or you can use some of the apps available in the Play Store that provide you with emails and numbers temporarily. In our case, we have opted for Temp Mail to get an anonymous email account, receiving the emails sent by Facebook within the app itself.

Play Store | Temp Mail

In this way, you will obtain the necessary personal address to register on Facebook without compromising your personal data. If you decide to do it by phone number, you can get some temporary ones with applications like Hushed or Burner, which work similarly to Temp Mail.

1o Get a new email or phone number

2º- Isolate the official Facebook application

Even if you reject the permissions of the Facebook application, it can find new methods to access your calls or location, for example. To prevent this from happening, since you want to have a 100% anonymous profile, you must isolate the official Facebook app from the data on your phone using the Island application, with early access in the Play Store.

Play Store | Island

to isolate the Facebook app, you must first make sure that you have it installed on your phone. after downloading this app, open it and accept the different windows that will appear to get to the main menu of Island. Then, enter Mainland -in the lower-left corner of the screen-, select Facebook and click on the square button with the + that will appear in the lower right corner for Mainland to install the cloned Facebook app.

If you go to the applications menu of your mobile, now you will see that you have an isolated space in which you can see the cloned Facebook app, recognizable by having the icon of a briefcase. When you confirm that it exists, you can delete the official Facebook app and keep only the cloned one isolated from your personal data.

Isolate the official Facebook application

3º- Install a VPN

The next step to have an anonymous profile on Facebook is to install a VPN – virtual private network – on your phone like CyberGhost, one of the best VPN services today. Despite disabling access to your location, the social network app can still track where you are, so it is best to use one of these virtual private networks to shield your location.

Play Store | VyprVPN

To realize our anonymous profile, we have used VyprVPN, one of the many applications of this style available in the Play Store. After downloading and opening the app, go to Personalize> Connection by application> Facebook to enable the VPN to work with that application.

Install a VPN

4th- Disable Facebook location

If you haven’t done it yet, proceed to disable Facebook’s location history, which saves all the locations from which you’ve used Mark Zuckerberg’s social platform – whose privacy is worth more than $ 20 million. You can do it from the app or the web version of Facebook by going into Settings> Location. Also, you can confirm that you have disabled location permissions on your phone from Settings> Applications> Facebook> Permissions.

Disable Facebook location

5th- Create your new Facebook account

After completing the previous steps, it is time to finally create that anonymous Facebook account that will allow you to be present on the social network without compromising your privacy. Go to and select “Create new account” to enter your name and date of birth (better than the real ones) and configure an access password.

Wilson, select “Register without uploading contacts” to not share that information with the service. Next, you will have to decide whether to register that new profile with your email account or your phone number; we have already seen that both can be temporary to not put your data at risk. Whichever method you choose, you will receive a message with the code you must enter on Facebook to confirm the creation of the new account.

Create your new Facebook account

6º- Configure the privacy of your Facebook profile

After entering Facebook with the account you have just registered, it is best to enter the app to configure privacy since the default settings do not protect it 100%. To do this, pay special attention to privacy shortcuts, tools that give you great control of your presence on the social network.

Configure the privacy of your Facebook profile

7º- Block hid Facebook permissions

Yes, completely blocking Facebook’s permissions is as tedious as it sounds since, as we mentioned earlier, the app uses different methods to access your valuable personal information. For this reason, and as a final step, you can choose to block the hidden permissions to plant all the barriers you need before the company.

Blocking these hidden accesses is not easy since you need root or use ADB commands to do it through the App Ops application. This tool allows you to control those settings that Android misses, in a general way or for a specific application, which you should do with Facebook, denying it all permissions.

After these 7 steps, you will have created a completely anonymous Facebook profile, and you will have blocked all the permissions of the social network app, so you are assured that it cannot access your personal data. Thus, you can use the platform knowing that your privacy is not at stake, the one that Facebook does not mind violating.