The Trick to be able to listen to the FM radio of your Mobile using Bluetooth Headphones

Whether or not a mobile has an FM radio is usually not a relevant aspect when buying a phone today. However, and despite the good radio apps for Android that currently exist, some users continue to use the native mobile radio to tune in to their favorite stations.

The trick to be able to listen to the FM radio of your mobile using Bluetooth headphones

Fortunately, many smartphones had FM radio in 2019. If you are one of those who use it regularly, it is possible that at some point, you want to do it with your Bluetooth headphones. In this regard, we must tell you that it is not possible to completely do without cables to listen to the FM radio of your mobile, but you can use a trick so that the sound comes out of the Bluetooth headphones.

Listening to FM radio with Bluetooth headphones

Listening to the mobile FM radio may seem outdated, but this is still a necessary function for many users. The great disadvantage of using it is clear: you always have cables in between; it cannot be a 100% wireless experience.

That does not mean that you cannot listen to the radio with your Bluetooth headphones, as it is possible thanks to a simple trick. To achieve this, the first thing you have to do is connect your Bluetooth headphones to the phone, something you can do from Settings> Connections> Bluetooth.

Listening to FM radio with Bluetooth headphones

With your Bluetooth headphones plugged in, it’s time to turn to cables. Thus, you must connect the wired headphones or an adapter with a 3.5mm jack output to the mobile jack to act as an antenna. Finally, you just have to open the FM radio of your mobile to check how the audio from it is emitted through the Bluetooth headphones.

Faced with possible problems when trying to listen to the FM radio with Bluetooth headphones, we must mention that not all phone models allow this to happen, so the trick would be useless if you have one of them.

To avoid these inconveniences, it is also a good option to have a Bluetooth headset with a built-in antenna. You can listen to the phone’s FM radio without problems, thus avoiding downloading external radio applications.