See Formula 1 Online: The Best Applications to watch it on your Mobile for Free and Live

  • With these free applications, you can watch all Formula 1 races from your smartphone legally and live.

Formula 1 is the most important international motorsport competition, followed by millions of people in all corners of the planet. If you also like to watch Formula 1 and, specifically, do it from your smartphone, in this guide, we recommend the best applications you can install to watch Formula 1 for free on your Android devices.

As with the apps to watch hockey or the apps to watch football on your mobile, the ones selected in this list are tools that allow you to watch Formula 1 races live. Enjoy the mastery of Lewis Hamilton, the skill of Max Verstappen, or the magic of Fernando Alonso from your mobile with these free apps.

the best applications to watch it on your mobile for free and live

With these applications for Android, you can watch Formula 1 on your smartphone live.

Top of the best applications to watch Formula 1 on your mobile for free

  • Movistar +
  • DAZN
  • F1 TV
  • Wiseplay
  • My TV
  • Kodi

Movistar +

Movistar has the broadcasting rights of Formula 1 in Spain, which means that through its application for mobile devices, you can watch the races live. You can download and install Movistar + for free from the Google Play Store, but you must have contracted the company’s services to watch the car competition.



With the DAZN app, you can watch Formula 1 live on your mobile.

Following the alliance with Movistar, DAZN began broadcasting all the Formula 1 Grand Prix from March 1, 2021. What does this mean? From that day on, all subscribers to the sporting events streaming platform can watch Formula 1 live from their mobiles if they download the DAZN app, available for free for Android and iOS.

DAZN has a cost of 9.99 euros per month and 99.99 euros per year. If you subscribe now, you can enjoy a free first month to try. In addition, in this service, you will be able to watch football matches of competitions such as the Premier League or the Copa del Rey, as well as many other events of different sports.



F1 TV is a good app to watch Formula 1 races.

Another good application to watch Formula 1 on your mobile is F1 TV, free to download for both Android and iOS. With a subscription to its premium service, F1 TV Pro, you can watch the races live from Argentina, the United States, Mexico, or Portugal. For those countries in which live broadcasting is not available due to broadcasting rights, such as Spain, F1 TV does allow you to see the reruns of the races in deferred mode.


Wiseplay 1

WisePlay is a free multimedia player in which you can watch Formula 1.

This free multimedia player allows you to watch Formula 1 live through your mobile phone by loading video lists in w3u and m3u format. It is an application with a simple interface that you will quickly master, and it also allows you to send the content to your Smart TV to view it on the big screen.



With Michele, you can also watch Formula 1 live.

Yes, through Michele, the Mediaset application, you can also watch Formula 1 live in Spain. This is because Telecinco broadcasts the Spanish Grand Prix Open, held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. In this way, when this race takes place, you only have to download the Michele app and access the Telecinco live broadcast to watch it for free.


Kodi 1

Kodi is one of the most popular IPTV apps for Android, and it is used to watch Formula 1.

Kodi is a popular media content player for Android. In addition to seeing the content that you have stored on your mobile, with Kodi, you can install “Add-ons” to watch Formula 1 live. A while ago, we analyzed Kodi in full, and we explained how to add Add-ons to get the most out of the application.