Best 14 Couchtuner Alternatives to Consider


All the binge-watchers love to explore more options. Moreover, you will be amazed to know that people are making money by watching series and giving critics about them. So, do you have a subscription to OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, or other such platforms? If you don’t have it, then no worries! Sites like Couchtuner are the solutions to all the problems of binge-watchers. Couchtuner is a free website that allows you to stream your favorite movie or series, including programs that require premium membership to watch.

But recently, users are facing problems while using it as Couchtuner sometimes removes the titles without any previous warning, and the names are not assorted. Another annoying factor is excessive commercials and pop-ups. Therefore, you need an alternative solution from where you can watch and enjoy your time. With the releases of series like Money Heist and Lucifer- final season, how will you control yourself? You can’t be a premium member of each of these platforms. Thus, here are the 14 best Couchtuner alternatives that can be useful and safe to binge-watch there.

Couchtuner Alternatives

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Through a top to bottom examination, we have found the 14 best sites that give you the freedom to stream as you get in Couchtuner. Find out what features these Couchtuner alternatives have, and accordingly select the best appropriate one for yourself.

1. Just Watch

As the name recommends, you can, without much of a stretch, stream your decision of film or series. Furthermore, it gives downloading facilities also to the client that makes it remarkable. Another element that makes it easy to understand is its straightforward and negligible UI with the tremendous assortment of motion pictures and series from the world. Besides, you get the data of the latest releases, the famous ones, and you can likewise make your watchlist here. It is one among the list of first-rate Couchtuner alternatives.

From this library of thousands of collections, you can either directly search by the name of what you want to watch. Or you can sort by adding filters and setting your priorities. There are separate lists of movies, TV series that you can categorize by adjusting the genre, ratings, age ratings, release year.

Just Watch

You have to ‘Sign In’ first to partake in the facilities. However, there are a few shows and motion pictures that may not be free in your country. Other than that, there is no issue looked at by the user as dissimilar to Couchtuner. You don’t deal with problems in finding your film or show from the title.

2. Watch Series

This website is an extraordinary website compared to Couchtuner, where you can observe a wide range of shows, anime, motion pictures, & TV shows. It is one among the best Couchtuner alternatives list when it comes to the collection of television shows and anime. People who are enamored with anime go no place except for Watch Series to enjoy in their time. Apart from the collection, you will find high-quality content to watch covering all the episodes of these series.

Watch Series

To enjoy the free online streaming, you first need to ‘Register’ yourself or ‘Login’ using your existing account. Here also you can easily filter the movies and series based on your interest and mood.  Various tabs are present at the top of the screen to guide you to the assortments of that specific kind from where you can sort.

You can find the outline about any series or movies like its rating, beginning, language, year, the cast, and a short substance about the storyline. Also, it permits you to subscribe to your favorite series with the goal that you don’t miss the next release.

3. Xfinity

Xfinity offers a unique feature of customization which no other sites like Couchtuner provide. This particular site is very much like a paradise for a spree. Interestingly, you don’t have to specifically register on this website to download exceptional movies from this website to your system. In addition, it has various classes of movies, from action to drama, where you can browse over 20 sorts of motion pictures databases on this particular site.


It additionally has a separate area for news identified with music to help you get some quick info related to the latest happenings in the film industry. All the segments are consistently refreshed to help you get up to speed with the current news.

In conclusion, this Couchtuner alternative site has an exceptionally low number of advertisements. Therefore, you do not need to worry over intimidating pop-ups & advertisements as you stream on this website for nothing of cost.

4. Putlocker

Putlocker is a fully operational Couchtuner alternative, and you can watch your favorite shows or movies around there. Moreover, its broad choices of films & TV shows are organized by country and genre. Therefore, the confusion that you faced in CouchTuner no longer persists here.


You do have to enlist before you can perceive any substance, yet the records are free. Ensure that you utilize the authority site and not its phony clone, however. That likewise brings up the issue, ‘does Putlocker harm your system?’  while it’s more secure than Couchtuner. The site can hurt your gadget in case you’re not utilizing acceptable antivirus programming and VPN.

5. Popcornflix

PopcornFlix is a profoundly progressed and multiplatform internet real-time site. This is clearly one among the noteworthy Couchtuner alternatives. The best part is you can peruse it through an internet browser. Presently, you can download the application also on your iOS gadgets and Android devices.


This stream the viral videos additionally, along with movies and series, you can track down the one you want to watch by setting your priorities. Despite the huge data set, it likewise has its own media player and permits you to make gifs. Moreover, you can give your reviews and share them.

Various types are accessible to handily pick your top choice from different kinds. A wide scope of various genres is accessible, including-

  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Thriller
  • Horror
  • Action
  • Standup comedy
  • Narratives/Documentaries

6. Soap2day

Soap2day has developed to become one among the top film streaming sites list and Couchtuner alternatives today. It contains a complete rundown of a wide range of network shows and movies. By prudence of its easy-to-use interface, you will want to track down the latest and moving material on the website effortlessly and conveniently.

On Soap2day, the entirety of the substance is created by a third force. Thus, Soap2day doesn’t store any records. However, you can save content and demand material that isn’t presently accessible on the web. Hence, you’ll experience no difficulty getting your favorite item.


7. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is one among the most amazing list of Couchtuner alternatives. This streaming customer has various motion pictures in its data set, and you can go ahead and observe any film accessible on the website without having to pay. Best of all, you don’t have to enroll to watch here.

You simply have to visit the site, select your ideal title and begin watching it from the actual site, in HD quality. Regardless of this, you can likewise look for most loved films dependent on their releasing date, country, and genre, or straightforwardly from the Search alternative accessible.


Discussing its assortment, the site includes an immense count of titles acquired from one end of the globe to another. You can also discover titles in various dialects and classes. Besides, you can find the most-watched and top IMDB-rated movies and series separately.

8. Tubi TV

Taking everything into account, this one is an incredible Couchtuner alternative, and you should offer it a chance to get long periods of free entertainment. You will encounter a great experience as it has an extraordinary UI. Because of this, you can undoubtedly explore through the site to search for your ideal substance.

Tubi TV

All the substance accessible on this website is allowed to stream, but first, you have to register yourself. Once you are enrolled, you can watch endless content on this website without experiencing any advertisements on the stage. So stop waiting and start searching for all those movies which you always wished to watch.

The site gives perpetual substance in various classifications. For example, you can observe any film you need from various genres, like action, adventurous, romantic, satire, horror, action, etc. You can also opt based on popularity and year of release. Do make sure that you have a VPN connection.

9. Rainierland

With regards to great substance, RainierLand demonstrates that nothing can beat its center ability. This site has the sole reason to give you incredibly great content for totally free. The site interface is spotless and instinctive so that you can quickly discover the show or film. The information base is huge, and the video quality is brilliant.


Featuring both series and movies: the assortment of films goes from both old hits and the newest releases. Hence, you can generally look for your favorite movies on this website easily. You can also look for your favorite ones or explore them based on the kind. Moreover, there are no other Couchtuner alternatives that can beat this site in terms of the collection of the series. From Viking to Dare Devil or GOT, it has all that you want to see.

Finally, the site doesn’t stream any of its substance all alone. All things being equal, it really gives you the connections to coordinate transfers so that you can watch your films and television programs from an immediate party without managing any promotions or notices.

10. Crave

The most noticeable substitute for Couchtuner is Crave. The sole purpose of this website is to facilitate the variety of t.v. series on a large scale from different genres and languages. You can, without much of a stretch, watch all the programs of your choice through it.


This site includes practically the entirety of the well-known shows for you to watch, from True Detective to FRIENDS. In addition, every scene is transferred in a split second immediately. Accordingly, you can find your online programs when they upload another episode.

Moreover, the streaming nature of this site is very astounding. The site gives top-quality spilling to an extreme encounter. Consequently, assuming you want to enjoy an astonishing television series, then at that point, ensure you attempt this Couchtuner alternative without a doubt.

11. TV Muse

TV Muse is an inventive stage that has reformed the idea of free amusement. It includes a scope of refreshingly assorted content that will oblige the inclinations of a wide range of individuals, including everything from news to animated movies. These titles are accessible to download without any charges. And without expecting you to add a record of your credentials on the website.

On account of its easy-to-understand interface, you will want to explore through TV Muse easily and comfortably. This website has an incredible variety of content that ensures entertainment and fulfillment to its users. From drama to thrill, this website covers all that you need for extraordinary home time.

TV Muse

It attracts most people because of its smooth interface, which restricts the unrequired pop-ups and irritating advertisements. You will never like being disturbed by these pop-ups or commercials even when you pause your video or play it again—TV Muse among the highly recommended Couchtuner alternatives.

12. Next Episodes

As its name recommends, New Episodes offers you a wide range of the latest episodes of notable TV shows just after they are out. In this manner, it is no doubt an incredible decision for devoted fanatics of TV specifically. You can likewise advantageously peruse any remaining episode of shows that you might have missed, utilizing the search bar or sorting the titles in sequential requests. Moreover, its unique feature is, if you wish, then you can join and interact with the other fans.

Next Episodes

13. Cafe Movie

Cafe Movie is an extraordinary website to watch, from excellent hits all the way to the freshest delivered blockbusters motion pictures. Actually, like different sites, the Café Movie additionally gives perpetual substance through incomparable administrations. Moreover, it is an exceptionally well-known web-based movie streaming website in the report of Couchuner alternatives.

Actually, like the movies, the TV series has a lot of content, and it has shifted into different types like Popular TV, Airing TV, and On the Air.

It incorporates fresh out-of-box deliveries and unlimited titles from around the world. The substance masterminded on the website is very well flawlessly organized so, one can undoubtedly stream its HD content in a couple of snaps.

If you are into classics, then no other site could match its collection. Moreover, one more best thing about the site is that its content is accessible based on various dialects and other genres. Furthermore, you can likewise watch motion pictures and TV series online in your favorite or local language without any problem.

14. LookMovies

You can try LookMoviesas well although, it has not gained its audience much so far. But has a good assortment of movies, web series, and television shows of high quality. You can use the filters enabled on the homepage of the website. These filters include request category, top IMDB, trending, rating, genre, and also the alphabetical catalog.


In this way, here you have the rundown of top Couchtuner alternatives. Every one of these sites recorded is dynamic and proposition perpetual content with zero investment of your money. So don’t delay anymore and choose the site according to your preferences. So don’t delay anymore and choose the site according to your preferences. And watch as many series, anime, movies as you feel like watching.