6 Possible Uses of VPS Hosting


VPS Hosting

The advent of virtual private server (VPS) technology has made it effortless and inexpensive for all kinds of users to get their very own data center. Compared to shared hosting, this allows the enviable flexibility to choose applications. The price is much lower than dedicated server hosting.

Without further ado, here are six uses of VPS hosting, some of which will surprise you.

1. Web Hosting

Serving websites is the primary use of VPS hosting. You can install all kinds of programs on such a server. If you are trying to choose between a VPS and shared hosting, the latter will get your website out there, but your options are usually limited to a LAMP stack. Fully managed VPS hosting will help you get started in this area.

VPS is a good option if you want to use website management or commerce tools that do not use PHP. Users can add all kinds of frameworks, including Flask, Ruby on Rails, and Django. Your server will be able to support Wagtail, Redmine, Butter, and numerous other programs.

While you can use a shared platform, you’ll find the customization quite limited. A VPS for WordPress or WooCommerce is an affordable and reliable way to host any website on that platform and use that e-commerce plugin.

2. System Administration

You can also use a VPS to educate yourself on a new operating system or simply learn more about the different types of software available on the market. Usually, end users get root-level access with a VPS. For example, installing Linux on your home computer or personal laptop can be challenging, particularly if you’re using it for work. You can’t risk having issues such as downtime getting in the way of work. A VPS guarantees an isolated environment and the possibility to connect anywhere and anytime.

What’s more, a VPS is educational in terms of internet-based and remote control applications.

3. Gaming

Games like Minecraft, Rust, and Terraria involve running a private server for the ultimate in gameplay. A virtual gaming server can be used for streamer or LAN to limit latency and to ensure content is family-friendly.

In the past, hosting a game server on a VPS was not feasible or even possible. However, technology is constantly advancing, and you can now use a single server to run numerous multiplayer game servers. Additionally, VPS servers come with a relatively low overhead in terms of purchasing and maintenance costs, even though gaming requirements can play a role.

The VPS has an additional voiceover function, allowing players to chat as they game. To this end, you can use Mumble, TeamSpeak, or another voice server.

4. Encrypted Messages and Email

Those who value their privacy can use a VPS to encrypt their emails and messages and ensure no one intercepts them. Even the most basic VPS can install and secure a full-scale mail solution, including webmail. You don’t have to use a public server to route your private messages. Private messaging encryption software like ejabberd protects messages from onlookers.

5. Managing Projects

The licensing costs of online project management suites can take away from the pleasure of using them. Depending on how many users you need, a self-hosted solution for your project management suite, like Kanboard or Redmine via a VPS, could be a more cost-effective option. For a bigger-scale project, you can use GitLab or Jira Cloud.

6. ERP and Collaboration

One final notable use of VPS hosting involves enterprise resource planning (ERP). ERP tools become quite affordable and easy to access when you host them on a VPS. You can use tools such as ERPNext or Odoo to take care of practically any business aspect via an all-in-one system. A VPS ensures reliable redundancy and backups, full-scale material procurement management, sales, accounting, and more.

Collaborative writing and editing and sharing and storing files are all very important to professionals like writers. There are some reliable mainstream programs for these purposes, but they are limited in terms of storage. What’s more, holding files on someone else’s server is not suitable for everyone. You can use your own VPS to keep documents safe and well-organized. In addition, you might consider Owncloud or another cloud storage solution.