How Residential Proxies benefit Business


The ‘Internetization’ era created a business heaven of the XXI century. Every commercial idea can be developed into a thriving enterprise with global coverage. However, such a margin of opportunity also brings numerous risks, targeting the safety of the users and their sensible data. Under such conditions, it is critical to find solutions to protect one’s online existence and minimize the threat of cybercrimes. One of the most effective tools to use is the usage of residential proxies. Let’s study the characteristics of the residential proxies and the benefits they can offer to the business sphere.

What Are the Residential Proxies

What Are the Residential Proxies?

A proxy server is a system that functions as a gateway between the users and the Internet. It helps to prevent cyber attacks and keep private networks protected from malware. It is often called an intermediary, or a middle-man, as it works in the middle of a user-internet connection.

All the online activities can easily be tracked as the user leaves their IP footprints. However, when the requests are done through the proxy servers, the end-user and his data will never be exposed to others.

As a rule, there are two options to consider — residential and datacenter proxies.

Residential proxies are IP addresses assigned by ISPs for usage on the home network. These are real IP addresses that correspond to real physical devices. Such proxies allow its users to connect to the Internet and browse the Internet regardless of location.

Datacenter proxies are assigned by third-party companies, yet they don’t correspond to specific physical devices, which makes them less authentic, and increases the risks of the IP being blocked.

Why Do Businesses Need Proxy Servers?

The way businesses function nowadays is mainly based on a personalized approach to the clients. As a rule, they collect information about IP addresses, geolocations, demographic data, and online behavioral patterns. Such personalized content will maximize the chances for a thorough and objective analysis of the competitor’s website, as all the information will be shown targeting the individual needs of the viewer. Therefore, a set of reliable residential ip addresses, will help to conceal the online performance and obtain more critical information regarding the business needs.

How Can Residential Proxies Benefit Business Needs?

1. Price monitoring

The profitability of a business relies greatly on the price policies of the company. It is important to keep them within certain limits so as not to scare off the customers, yet to be able to increase financial gains.

One of the simplest tools to use for price monitoring on the market is residential proxies, as they help to collect information about the competitors and make price and service comparisons, without the risk of being detected by them.

Once the website notices that there is a specific user visiting the website, yet it’s not a regular customer, they can flag the IP address and block it. By using the rotating residential IP addresses, every business gets unlimited access to competitors’ data analysis, while being on the safe side.

2. Internet marketing

Market competitiveness is always backed up by a scrutinized analysis of the competitor’s strategies. Residential proxies help to leverage the marketing influence, and thus, outperform the competitors and increase the custom’s outreach.

3. Ad verification

Advertisement propels the development of any business, and it’s one of the main tools to make money online. Google ads are always different, they use a variety of tools to display the ads targeting specific needs of every user.

The ad for the same product may differ in different parts of the world. Such an approach benefits the customers, yet it doesn’t let businesses analyze appropriately the types of ads for every specific region. The best solution is again residential proxies. The proxies help to track the ads, monitor their form and content, track their behavior among the customers, etc.

4. Software testing

Residential proxies are great for testing the performance of websites and applications, as they let the owner control how the resources function in different locations around the world. Of course, there is always a possibility to outsource testing to the teams in the target countries, yet, it is possible to do using the local team, yet, through the means of residential IP addresses.

5. Web scraping

Web scraping is a powerful tool to use when collecting data about competitors and their market behavior. However, due to numerous automatic requests, the bot collectors will be marked as the ones with suspicious behavior and blocked, slowing down the research.

In order to perform the web scraping successfully, the automated data collection needs to be performed as if it were a real person with an IP address. That’s where the residential proxy comes for help. It helps to avoid the anti-scraping policies and access the required information. Basically, the bot will still collect the data, yet, due to a human-like behavioral pattern and a residential server, it will not be flagged as suspicious activity.

The Bottom Line

The residential proxies are a treasure trove of opportunities for the businesses implementing them. These tools help to imitate the human-user characteristics, and thus, collect the data, and analyze the market environment 24/7, benefiting decision-making and propelling the development of the business. Moreover, the residential proxies offer a high level of security for the enterprises using them, helping to prevent data leakage, and thus, ensure the safe existence of the company.

Don’t hesitate to improve the security ground of your company, and create a safe environment for online functioning. Residential proxy servers are the best among other options on the market nowadays.