How to fix Google Play error 403: easy and step-by-step method

  • Error 403 prevents downloads from Google Play: we will tell you how you can fix it.

Google Play has a long list of errors, which often prevent us from managing applications and games normally.

Among them, one of the most common is error 403, a failure that causes us not to install applications on our Android device, something quite cumbersome and which brings many users heads to head. For this reason, we will tell you where this error comes from and how you can solve it.

What is error code 403 in the Play Store, and why does it happen

What is error code 403 in the Play Store and why does it happen

Error 403 appears when there are multiple accounts connected on Google Play

If you get the 403 error message when you go to download an app or a game from the Google Play Store, it means that there are two or more Google accounts registered on the same device (or something that, when downloading or buying content, may cause conflicts.

When error 403 appears, the Play Store will not let us install applications until we solve it. ¿ How can we get rid of him?

Fix Google Play error code 403 step by step

The good news is that fixing Google Play error 403 is not too complicated, and you just have to follow the steps described below.

  • First of all, check that your Android device is updated to the latest version. Many times, problems arise from having an outdated version of Android.
  • In the same way, before moving on to the “definitive fix”, make sure that your mobile or tablet is connected to the Internet correctly. Check that the quality of the network is optimal and that no proxy or VPN is blocking or hindering the connection.
  • Once the checks have been made, if the error persists, the most effective solution is to erase the history of the Google Play Store and force the app to stop. To do this, access the Google Play settings from your device settings and, once there, search for Google Play in the Applications section. Click on “Force stop” and then, within the storage settings, clear the data and the app cache.
  • Once the app is “cleaned”, we recommend that you restart your device.
  • Finally, before trying to download games and applications from Google Play again, you must remove your Google account from the device and add it again from scratch. You can make these adjustments by searching for “accounts” or directly accessing that section from the Android settings.

If this method has not worked for you, it is best to slightly modify the last step, creating a new Google Play account. In other words, you will need to delete your current accounts and create a new Google account from scratch. It is a somewhat radical solution (you could not access your previous applications and games, having to download them again), but it will undoubtedly solve the root problem.