Recommended requirements for ‘GTA IV’ on PC revealed

Recommended requirements for GTA IV on PC revealed

Nico Bellic is not dead; he is partying, he wants to go out, and since he cannot find his cousin Roman, he is addressing PC users to see if he can convince them to meet women.

In other words, ‘GTA IV’ is very close to its release for PC. Consistent and attractive data has begun to leak, and the first images of the game. At the moment, we already know the recommended requirements to enjoy the adventures in Liberty City as they have been optimally designed. That means at a resolution of 2560 x 1600; there is nothing.

In fact, any computer of a moderately aggressive gamer will be able to move it without problems; it does not seem that it will need the central computer of NASA to move it. Although if you are thinking of updating the equipment, it may be that taking these requirements into account is a good idea.

Processor: Dual Core or better.

RAM: 2GB is recommended for the game to run smoothly.

Hard Drive: 18 GB of free space for installation. It seems a beast, but everything is to enjoy with Nico.

Video card: Direct 3D 10 graphics card with 512Mb or a Direct 3D nine card compatible with Shaders.

Media: DVD, of course.

Although they do not specify much what type of Dual Core they need or the speed at which it has to run, I would not be lacking at this point. On the other hand, 18 GB of free disk space seems like a bit of nonsense to me, although of course, considering that ‘Age of Conan’ needs many more, they are not so scary either. Of course, it makes one think about the market’s direction.

If any lucky person has a computer capable of moving it at 2560 x 1600 pixels of resolution and, in a fluid way, prepare because graphically, it will go much further than what we saw on the console. It must be a show. It is worth mentioning, especially considering the replay mode that this new version will release.