Right Tools for Newbie Freelancers to Get Started with


Right Tools for Newbie Freelancers to Get Started

Freelancing and remote working have been on the rise. Since the outburst of COVID-19, most organizations realized that things could be managed more effectively and efficiently while employees are working remotely. It was also realized by employees that remote working is the better way to manage all those stuff right from their home without commuting and spending a hefty amount on filling gas tanks.

Remote working and freelancing are somewhat similar with a  small difference. However, both of them offer you the flexibility of where you work whether it is your home, a café, a co-working space, or even at the side of the beach.

There is also one thing that is most important of all is the stable and high-speed internet connection. Imagine you are having a conversation with your client over Skype and suddenly the internet stops working, wouldn’t it be embarrassing.

For stable and high-speed connection, ofertas de spectrum brings more than you could imagine. The high-speed internet, 24/7 support, and unlimited data are a few of the notable features you can get on any of its existing plans and packages.

Having a stable internet connection is not enough unless you don’t have the right tools as well. So without waiting for a minute, let’s dive into it.


Freelancing and remote working means you can choose to work from anywhere around the world. Without restricting yourself to just one place, you can interact with clients and associates as well as communicate with everybody without any hassle. If you want to have seamless and smooth communication with your clients and associates, make sure to have Skype installed on your system.

Skype is a powerful video and audio calling tool to help you stay in contact with your clients, loved ones, and peers. Even if you want to give a presentation to another person, you can simply share the screen with the person. Moreover, Skype is not only accessible on a laptop, but you can also access it on your android and iOS smartphone. All of it is free to use unless you need to call someone on a mobile phone directly from Skype. For that, you need to top up with credits.


When starting your freelancing business, you are almost dying to get clients. But if you fail to portray your skills and experience on social media, it is time to get back to your normal 9-5 job. Having a client base requires proper marketing of your skills. If you are not aware of how to build a website, then social media is the best place to grab clients.

If you want to promote your gigs and services on social media, try using Buffer for managing all platforms in one place. Not only you can schedule posts in advance, but also allow you to manage every platform from one place. The free plan is enough to get yourself started. But if you are running social media campaigns for your clients, then paid version is a better option with added features.


Whether you are offering full-time writing services as a freelancer or not, you must be watchful of your sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation when sending emails or proposals to the client. Moreover, sometimes you have to manage all your work solely and writing is one of them.

Make sure to install Grammarly to make the error of your writing free whether it be on a browser, Word file, or any email. on potential clients. The AI-powered tool is a great tool to help you write clear and error-free messages in a concise manner. Make a long-lasting impression when sending proposals or email to clients so that you can start earning a decent amount with your freelance services.


QuickBooks is one of the most trusted and recognized accounting tools for freelancers as well as agencies. Whether you have to manage your own expenses and revenue or require you to manage the bookkeeping of your company, QuickBooks is the best solution to go for.

Whether it be managing expenses, taxes, payrolls, or revenue, QuickBooks allows you to keep records in a safe place and manage all of the work digitally without involving manual work. You can also share receipts and other important documents with the concerned person. Moreover, it can also notify you about your quarterly tax due date.


Productivity is the main issue when you are starting your freelancing business. With all the time you have, you may fall into the trap of distractions such as using social media, streaming, gaming, and browsing without any purpose.

If you want to stay productive all the time and never miss the deadlines, make sure to use Toggl to boost your productivity. Track the time spend on each project and help you increase productivity more than ever. Moreover, you will also get reports on time spent on each project.

Summing Up

Freelancing requires a number of tools, depending on one’s individual needs. If you are starting your freelancing career, make sure to research what tools you need. The aforementioned tools are basic tools to start with. You can use as many tools as you require to manage your workflow.