Samsung Galaxy M30s, review: much more than a battery that lasts and lasts

2019 was a year of ups and downs for Samsung. The problems that the Galaxy Fold gave its first folding phone or that the benefits obtained were not as expected are some of the stones that the company has had to overcome throughout the year.

Despite this, some brands manage to overcome any adversity, and we cannot doubt that Samsung is one of them. Samsung has fallen in love with its spectacular Note10, and what else can we say about its magnificent and renewed mid/low range that we have not said by now.

And we come to talk about these last terminals today. Because this time, we analyze the Samsung Galaxy M30s, a device included in the catalog of cheap phones of the South Korean firm and which has been entrusted with a very difficult mission: to gain a foothold between the complicated competition posed by brands such as Xiaomi or realme.

Is this Samsung Galaxy M30s worth it? Let’s check it out.

Index of contents:

  • Samsung Galaxy M30s datasheet
  • The best of the Samsung Galaxy M30s
  • A battery that never runs out
  • A Super AMOLED screen that is a success in this range
  • A beautiful and elegant design
  • The less good of the Samsung Galaxy M30s
  • Improved performance
  • Other aspects: photographic section
  • Samsung Galaxy M30s: opinion
  • Samsung Galaxy M30s price and where to buy it

Samsung Galaxy M30s, Features and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy M30s
Dimensions 159 x 75,1 x 8,9 mm
Weight 188 grams
Screen 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display, 1080 x 2340 pixels
Pixel density 403 PPI
Processor Exynos 9611, Mali-G72
Operating system Android 9.0 Pie, One UI
Storage 64 GB expandable via microSD card
Cameras Triple rear camera of 48 MP f / 2.0, 8 MP f / 2.2 and 5 MP f / 2.2 and front of 16 MP f / 2.0
Battery 6,000 mAh, fast charge 15W
Others Dual SIM, Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5 mm jack, fingerprint reader, FM radio, USB type C
Price 250 euros

The best of the Samsung Galaxy M30S

A battery that never runs out

A battery that never runs out6,000 mAh. Almost nothing. This is the figure that the Galaxy M30s mounts, and possibly this is the main attraction of this terminal. Because today and unfortunately, there is little evolution in terms of the autonomy of the terminals. Yes, at present, many devices reach the entire day without the need to charge them and with little demanding use, but few are those that exceed this period.

When firms are betting on more elegant designs and thinner and more compact terminals, companies seem to have forgotten that the battery is one of the basic and essential elements when talking about and buying a smartphone. Why do I want a slim mobile phone if I always have to charge with a cable or an external battery?

Luckily Samsung seems to have found the exact key with this terminal. The 6,000 mAh battery is huge and allows us to use the Galaxy M30s without worrying about charging it. In case of having to charge it, its fast charge of 15W makes the task not a real ordeal, and we can have the mobile to the fullest in quite a short time. Up to two days of normal use and a day and a half, if we intersperse an intensive gaming session, the autonomy of this terminal is light years away from many other terminals that we have been able to test regardless of the price range we want to go to.

Is its excellent battery the best of the terminal? Undoubtedly and up to here, you should read if you want to acquire a smartphone with outstanding autonomy and at a fairly content price. Although this Samsung Galaxy M30S has other virtues – and also defects – that deserve to be highlighted in depth

A Super AMOLED screen that is a success in this range

When dealing with devices in this price range (200 to 300 euros), we always find the same technical specifications, especially in the screen section. IPS panels dominate this type of sector thanks in part to their lower production cost, and that is why finding a super AMOLED screen like the one in this Galaxy is appreciated.

We are not facing the perfect panel, especially in the brightness section, but the colors look correct. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the small water notch that Samsung has implemented in this model, with which we can take advantage of up to 84.2% of the screen surface.

A beautiful and elegant design

A beautiful and elegant designAs a general rule, when a smartphone has a large battery, it usually comes with a design. And we say “usually comes” because, in this case, it is not like that. That is, a large battery equals a large and fat smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy M30s has a really surprising construction, with very careful design lines and a thickness and weight that surprise.

Samsung has managed to introduce a 6,000 mAh battery in a body that does not reach 9 millimeters thick and 188 grams in weight, something that is truly worthy of praise. When you hold this Galaxy M30s in your hand, you realize how light and well manageable this terminal is and all this even though, in principle, a 6.4-inch device could seem large.

Of course, not everything is wonderful, and nobody expects premium materials in a phone of this budget. For this Galaxy M30s to be a light and light phone, Samsung has had to use a plastic that feels cheap to the touch, but of course, we are dealing with a cheap terminal. Now, it has been endowed with a fabulous blue gradient (our copy) that honestly draws a lot of attention from how beautiful it is.

Many things can be criticized for the South Korean firm, but no one can doubt that Samsung knows how to provide its terminals with many personalities, and the aspect of this Galaxy M30s has a lot.

The less good of the Samsung Galaxy M30s

A performance that, without being bad, could be improved

A performance that without being bad could be improvedThe Samsung Galaxy M30s has few objectionable points. Not surprisingly, we are faced with a low / mid-range device that cannot be asked for too much. However, it is still a phone of about 259 euros, and it is that in this price range, the competition is fierce, as has been shown by models of brands such as Xiaomi or realme.

Generally speaking, the Galaxy M30s works more than correctly. There is no problem in opening any day-to-day application, and even games like Call of Duty move them effortlessly. So what is the problem? As is often the case, the customization layer.

This Samsung device comes with Android 9 Pie spiced up with One UI, Samsung’s famous customization layer. Without assessing the aesthetic details of the layer that some will like more and others less, we cannot deny that One UI is not one of the lightest layers that we find in Android, despite the obvious improvement over years ago.

You can see in small details that One UI weighs on this Exynos 9611, especially when we quickly change applications. A clear example is when opening the settings for the first time since we will see for a second – invaluable for undemanding users – a loading screen before opening the application.

For all this, are there phones for this price with better performance? Yes, but the Galaxy M30S prevails for its battery, its screen, and its design. As we say, it is not something exaggerated, and if you are not very demanding users – undoubtedly the target of this terminal – you will not even realize it. , A matter of priorities.

Other aspects: photographic section

Other aspects photographic sectionWhy talk about the photographic section of this Samsung Galaxy M30S outside of the positive and negative points of the terminal? Well simple. Because we cannot fit the photograph of this device in any of the previous paragraphs.

Not good, not bad. So we can summarize the final result. The Samsung device mounts a triple rear camera of 48 MP f / 2.0, 8 MP f / 2.2, and 5 MP f / 2.2 that has given us more than correct results at any time of the day. It is at night when a worsening of the image quality is seen, but in general terms, we can conclude that the photographic section approves with a more than a decent note. The same can be said with its 16 MP f / 2.0 front camera, which has left us pleasantly surprised.

Gone are when it was better not to open the camera when one acquired an inexpensive terminal. This Samsung Galaxy M30s and many other devices in the same price range confirm that the camera is an essential element when purchasing a smartphone. The Galaxy M30s has other positive aspects far superior to the camera, such as the battery or the design. Still, we know that if we buy this terminal, the photographs we take will not be ashamed.

Samsung Galaxy M30s: Andro4all’s opinion and final thoughts

Samsung Galaxy M30s Andro4alls opinion and final thoughtsThe Samsung Galaxy M30s is another perfect example of Samsung’s good work in the low/mid-range during 2019. Being able to count on a 6,000 mAh battery without sacrificing a lightweight and beautiful design is commended. It confirms that the good autonomy of a smartphone should not be at odds with elegance.

As we have shown in this analysis, the target of this device is that a user who does not want to spend a lot of money on a terminal wants a large battery and incidentally does not want to do without a good design.

Without a doubt, the Galaxy M30s is one of the best options for that user who only wants to have a nice mobile and that lasts two days without having to charge it. It is possible that its performance is not the best in a terminal of 250 euros, but the most “expert” eyes will only notice this. In the end, it gives us the feeling that this device is a lost opportunity for Samsung because, in the case of having polished its performance even a little more, we would have found ourselves before a very round, balanced phone without notable negative points.

Price and where to buy the Samsung Galaxy M30S

The Samsung Galaxy M30s has an official price of approximately 250 euros, placing it squarely in the mid/low range. One of the best options for those users who prioritize autonomy and design over any other aspect.

Samsung Galaxy M30s, opinion and Andro4all note
Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy M30S?
In favor
  • Battery
  • Screen
  • Design
  • Performance
Conclusions Magnificent autonomy, a more than remarkable screen, and an excellent design are the keys to this terminal that will delight consumers who do not mind that the performance is a little lower than other terminals in the same price range.