Silence, Block And Restrict On Instagram: What Is Each One For And What Are The Differences

Silence, block and restrict on Instagram what is each one for and what are the differences

We are going to explain the functions of silencing, blocking, and restricting accounts on Instagram so that you can identify what specific measures you want to take against an account. These three processes are different and have different consequences for the accounts you apply them to, but they all serve to limit other people’s access to your account, which is why it can be a bit confusing.

We are going to start the article by briefly describing what each of these Instagram processes is for so that you do not need too much time to understand it. And in case there are any doubts, then we will mention the differences between each process in a more specific way.

What it means to mute, block or restrict

We are going to start by explaining what exactly it means to mute, block or restrict on Instagram. This way, you’ll know what exactly you can use each of these features for with other accounts.

  • Mute an account: You can choose to mute posts, stories, or all content for an account. The user using that account will still be able to see all of your content, but you won’t see content from this muted account.
  • Block an account: You can block someone on Instagram to cut ties with this person permanently. This account will no longer be able to see your posts and you will not be able to see theirs. They will also not be able to send you comments or chat messages or see if you are connected on the social network. They will not be able to access your profile either. It will disappear from your life until you unlock it.
  • Restrict an account: This is a middle ground between muting and blocking an account. From the account, they will be able to continue seeing your publications. But when they write you comments, you’ll have to approve them for them to be visible to others, and when they send you private messages they’re sent as requests. A restricted account won’t be able to see if you’re online or have read messages, but it will see your content, and you’ll still be able to see what’s posted to it.

Three ways to limit contact with another account

Therefore, we have three levels to limit the interactions between a specific account and yours. To mute someone, tap the menu button on one of their posts or long press on one of their stories. To block or restrict an account, go to their profile and open the options menu.

The lightest level is to mute the content of an account. Here, the muted account can continue to interact with you, and the only thing that changes is that you will not be able to see the content of this account. This is for those people who you would lose face with if you blocked and unfollowed, but whose content annoys you or no longer interests you.

Then we have the option to restrict. Restricting a person, it’s like putting them in limbo where they can see all your content and interact with you. What you do is prevent your comments from appearing to others and messages from sending you notifications. If you don’t approve of their comments, the person will see their responses, but they won’t know that other users don’t read them.

And then we have the most severe option, that of completely blocking an account. In this case, it is to slam the door and eliminate contact. They will not be able to see your profile, or even access it, so if the person usually sees your content, they will notice that you have blocked them.

Therefore, which one to use depends on each moment. If only the posts bother you but you want to continue communicating or without looking bad at the person, you can silence them and that’s it, this user will never know that you have stopped seeing their posts unless they notice your lack of likes or your absence when viewing their posts. stories.

If they are the typical person who sends inappropriate comments or messages, you can simply restrict their access. You will be able to leave comments without the rest seeing them, and your messages will be muted when sent as a request. The person won’t be able to see when you’re online, but they’ll still see your content.

And then there is the resounding method, which is for when you want to say goodbye to this person forever with a slam. Here, keep in mind that the person may realize that you have blocked their account because it will be as if your profile did not exist for them, but if they access it from outside or without logging in, they will be able to see it.