Outstaffing Service: Staff Augmentation?


What if you have your own internal development team, but you need to add personnel to it, but at the same time you couldn’t find a programmer yourself or you don’t have the opportunity to allocate resources and time for this?

This model is often the most convenient if you already have developers on your own team. In this article, we will talk about the staff outstaffing service – team expansion.

Staff Augmentation

Outstaffing – What is it in Simple Words

Outstaffing is a form of outsourcing with a more direct and closer relationship with the client and the outstaffing company. It is similar to the dedicated team model, the only difference is that it is not a standalone team of its own, but an extension of an existing internal team. In fact, the relationship with such developers is not as a third party, but as a specialized group, part of a larger whole that complements the main working group of the company. This means a completely different dynamic from the role of the isolated contractor.

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The main difference between this model and others is how communication is organized between the participants in the process. The outstaffing staff communicates directly with the rest of the company’s internal team. This means that the extended team is fully integrated into the overall workflow, which increases the speed of work and simplifies communication.

Staff Augmentation is Well Suited for the Following Types of Projects

Long-term multi-component projects, with a changing set of requirements when you do not have specialists in all necessary technologies on hand. Projects that may have a side project attached to them and you don’t want your core team to work on it and be distracted. Ongoing projects are gradually expanding and require more manpower for further development.

Benefits of Outstaffing

Benefits of Outstaffing

As is often said, great power entails great responsibility. Outstaffing has many advantages, but they all require high-quality communication.

Team Sync

Synchronization of the main development team and the outsourced part of the team is the biggest advantage of outstaffing. Given how important it is to keep everyone involved in the process on the same wavelength, synchronization is critical when it comes to long-term, multi-stage projects with ever-changing requirements and goals.

Another benefit of synchronization is the sense of shared responsibility between core developers and outstaffing developers.

Effective Communication

Communication is probably the hardest thing about outsourcing. All people sometimes misunderstand each other, especially when information is passed through several people in a chain. The involvement of outstaffing optimizes the interaction between all participants in the process, eliminating intermediaries. Due to the fact that team members can communicate with each other directly.

Transparency and Control

Clarity and transparency are also at a higher level when using outstaffing, because you, as a client or product owner, have more information about the progress of the project.

Transparency creates productive team dynamics based on superior accountability. This can be a critical factor in maintaining a healthy and skilled workflow across the entire team.

Shared Responsibility

A consequence of increased accountability is that participants share responsibility for the overall quality of the development process and its subsequent outcomes. Shared responsibility promotes alignment between core and outsourcing teams. Everyone acts under the motto: “we are in this together”, which contributes to more productive and well-coordinated teamwork. This creates a more hands-on collaborative approach that increases the team’s overall scalability. This leads to the next point.

Development Process Scalability

One of the most important elements of managing any development team is its ability to scale with the current needs of the project. What does it mean? There are times when you need to expand your team but don’t have the time or inclination to handle all the interviews and administrative work. In addition, it happens that you need specialists whose services are either expensive or difficult to find. With team expansion through outstaffing, you don’t overwhelm your current developers with additional tasks to complete (which prevents the risk of burnout), but the work doesn’t stop either.


Outstaffing with a trusted partner allows you to identify talents that play an important role in realizing the vision and talent management initiatives of your large organization. As the demand for skilled software developers grows, utilizing our staff allows you to save money and collaborate flexibly, launch products faster, and ensure an uninterrupted supply of talent to grow your business.