Starzplay: is it worth it? Everything you can see and how much it costs

Streaming content remains at the peak of popularity among millions of users around the world. Platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney +, and many more offer a vast catalog of their series, films, and documentaries and those of different production companies for a simple monthly subscription.

Although the platforms mentioned above are the most popular, different alternatives also offer quality content and very competitive prices that are worth knowing. This is the case with Starzplay, a streaming service that will not leave you indifferent once you know everything it can offer you. Read on for more details.

What is Starzplay?

So that you know about Starzplay and what it is, it is a streaming service with a fixed monthly subscription where it is possible to enjoy series, movies, and much more online.

Its operation is similar to that of other platforms such as Netflix or HBO, with the main difference being that the content is directly linked to cable television channels of the same company.

What is Starzplay

Mainly, Starzplay is focused on the European market, and that little by little, it has been expanding to Latin America, the Middle East, and parts of Africa.

In the case of Spain, Starzplay has been available since 2019 through operators such as Orange and Vodafone. However, at present, it has an independent operation, that is, without the need for an operator, since you only need to create an account, choose the subscription plan, and that’s it.

In which countries is it available?

As we mentioned earlier, Starzplay was primarily intended for the European market. However, that has changed, and it is currently possible to enjoy Starzplay in countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Others like Argentina, Colombia, Chile through Apple TV.

Although there are not many Latin American countries, it is expected that the platform will soon expand its service to other places throughout 2020.

Starzplay subscription and pricing

The subscription to Starzplay is priced at 4.99 euros per month, with which you will have unlimited access to the entire catalog of movies and series, being able to download and view them as many times as you want. However, each digital provider has its agreements and plans/rates.

Starzplay subscription and pricing

When acquiring your subscription, the platform offers you the possibility of sharing the same account with up to four users simultaneously, each one being able to view content and download independently when and where they wish, as well as having the possibility of customizing them to suit each individual’s taste. One.

This is great when you want to have an account to share with family or friends and enjoy content without complications.

To create profiles, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download Starzplay.
  • Once the App has started, touch the “More” hamburger menu, located at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Go to your profile and add your full name, alias and add an image, and then “Next.”
  • The action will take you to a window where you will see all the profiles. To create a new one, click on “+ Profile.”
  • Now personalize the other profile with an alias and a photo.
  • If you want to edit or correct, tap on “Manage profiles,” and that’s it.

Can I get a free subscription on Starzplay?

There is a way to get Starzplay for free since the same platform offers a trial period so that you know everything it offers and decides if you want to buy the service.

Unfortunately, this period only lasts for seven days, unlike others like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video that give you a trial month.

If you want to start your 7-day free trial period, just follow these steps:

  • Download the Starzplay app or directly from the Starzplay website.
  • Click on “Start your free trial,” located in the upper right corner in red.
  • Create your Starzplay profile: Personal data and payment methods.
  • Play online on any of the supported devices.

Note: At the end of the trial period, the normal billing cycle will automatically start, so if you do not cancel your account before the expiration of the trial phase, the charge will be made. Subscription payment is made a month in advance.

What series and movies does it include?

Although it is not the most well-known platform, Starzplay has a relatively wide and varied catalog of films and series, both of its productions and other production houses, something that will undoubtedly meet the demands of its users.

Among the most popular series on the platform is: Normal People, an Irish drama series released this year 2020, which tells a love story from the homonymous book by Sally Rooney; it has 12 episodes of 23-34 minutes that will surely leave you more than hooked.

What series and movies does it include

He is also accompanied by The Great, a dramatic comedy that shows the life and work of Catalina La Grande from a very particular and entertaining perspective.

If you want to know more about the Series and Movies catalog, take a look at the links to discover everything there is for you.

How to download movies and series?

To download content from the platform, you don’t have to be an expert in the field; just follow a few simple steps:

  • Locate the Starzplay series or movie.
  • Tap the download icon just below the image.
  • Please wait for the download to take place, and that’s it.
  • To locate the content, click on the profile icon located in the lower right and then touch “Downloads,” You will see all the content to view offline.
  • Now, if you have a lot of downloads, you can delete the episodes. Find the episode, tap on “Edit” and “delete.”

The only disadvantage is that not all Starzplay content is available for download; you will also get restrictions depending on the country where you are, and the titles are removed after two weeks or when the license expires.

How to watch Starzplay on mobile and TV

URL by country

Like other streaming services, to enjoy Starzplay content, it is possible to access from the website with your username and password. Depending on the country where you are, you should access the following web link.

URL by country

  • Mexico –
  • Brazil –
  • France –
  • Germany –
  • Italy –
  • Spain –
  • The Netherlands –
  • The UK – – Starzplay App – App Store.

Also, it is possible to enjoy the content through the following digital subscription providers :

  • Amazon Video Channels
  • Apple TV +
  • Izzi
  • Orange
  • Total Play
  • Virgin Media
  • Vodafone

Equipment compatibility

One of the advantages of subscribing to Starzplay is that its multiplatform system allows you to connect and view content from a wide range of devices. In addition, you will have the option to enjoy the functions with your Google streaming device: Chromecast.

  • Android version equal to or higher than Android OS 5
  • iPhone and iPad (with iOS 12.3 or later)
  • Apple TV (3rd generation or higher)
  • Android TV.
  • Samsung Smart TVs (2019 or later models)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 or later.
  • Apple OSX 10.5.7 or later.
  • Current versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Mobile browsers are current versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

If you want to download the official App, go directly to the Apple App StoreGoogle Play StoreRoku Channel Store and enjoy the content from any device compatible with it.

Differences between Starzplay and Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video

The first thing to remember is that Starzplay is starting to take hold. Like HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and the king of streaming content, Netflix will have a significant advantage.

Even so, there are certain curious aspects that mark differences between one and the other. Here are some of them.


In favor           


  • It has original titles and some others that are only available in the United States.
  • It has a reasonably affordable cost.
  • With an account, you can have up to 4 users simultaneously
  • The content can be enjoyed in good quality
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • It does not have such a vast catalog.
  • Only seven days of trial
Opinion            Starzplay is becoming increasingly popular in Latin American countries. Thanks to its multiplatform system, it is not surprising that it can reach tremendous popularity and trajectory, such as Netflix.


In favor           


  • It has original titles and other recognized production companies
  • A fairly extensive catalog
  • It has an affordable price
  • With the subscription, you acquire the benefit of Amazon Prime for free shipping, content in the Kindle Store, and music streaming service.
  • You can only have two devices simultaneously
  • It does not have a function for SmartTV.
Opinion Amazon Prime Video is a reasonably efficient alternative, especially if you are an Amazon user. Through its platform, you can make purchases and get benefits in time and price.


In favor           


  • It has original titles and other recognized production companies.
  • A reasonably extensive catalog.
  • It has a moderately affordable price.
  • It allows you to acquire your channels through digital operators.
  • You can have up to 3 profiles with the same account simultaneously.
  • Your App constantly crashes.
  • Its interface is complicated and requires constant configuration.
  • The content is presented in a staggered fashion. New episodes every week.
Opinion Although HBO has a relatively vast repertoire of movies and series, users often complain about interface failures. However, it is still a good option.


In favor           


  • It has original titles and other recognized production companies.
  • An extensive catalog.
  • Simple and intuitive interface with various options.
  • Compatibility with various devices, Apps, and services.
  • You can have up to 5 profiles with the same account simultaneously.
  • It is the most expensive streaming service on the market.
  • They add and delete content indiscriminately.
Opinion Netflix continues to lead among the favorite streaming platforms of the moment. However, some users look for other options as it is currently one of the most expensive services.

How will you see there are multiple alternatives to Starzplay? But it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. And even though Starzplay is starting in this world and its developers assure that they do not come to compete, the truth is that it is predicted a great success.