The Best 16 Pages To Download Free Books For Your Kindle

The best 16 pages to download free books for your Kindle

Today we bring you a list of the 16 best pages to download free books for your Kindle, all of them legal pages that you know will always be there. We have everything, from well-known online stores such as Amazon or La Casa del Libro to institutions such as the National Library.

Most of the pages offer the books in formats compatible with Kindle, although, in practically none of them, you will be able to download the books directly to the device. Therefore, we will also explain how to transfer eBooks from your computer to the Kindle using the Caliber application to put the books on the Kindle. Don’t panic, because the process is extremely simple and it won’t take you long to do it.

As we always say at Xataka Basics, if you think we have missed an important website, do not hesitate to remind us in the comments so that we can include it in the list, and together make a list that is as complete and useful for everyone as possible.

Pages to download free books

Here you have the complete list of pages to download books online for free and legally. If you click on the name of the page you will open the link to enter, and we also include the description so you can know what to expect from it.

  • On Amazon’s home page you can not only buy thousands of books in Kindle format but some are free. To find them you must search for the term Free Books, and navigate through the results. You will find dozens of classic books and maybe also modern titles.
  • La Casa del Libro: One of the great Spanish alternatives to Amazon in terms of selling books, and it also has a free download section. Here you have to take into account that they are downloaded in ePub format and some of them have DRM, which means that several of the free books that it offers can only be read on your devices. Even so, having a user account there are others that you can download and import to other third-party eBook readers.
  • Project Gutenberg: This is an online project in which more than 60,000 free books have been collected in ePub and Kindle formats. Books from all over the world and in several languages ​​are collected, whose copyrights have already expired in the United States allowing them to be distributed free of charge.
  • National Library The National Library of Spain has a portal for free documents that have been digitized at its headquarters. Drawings, photographs, books, engravings, there is everything.
  • Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library: You have access to all kinds of works belonging to this institution, including books. The downside is that they are not in native eBook format in most cases, so you should do conversions.
  • Bubok: It is a Spanish page where any author can self-publish their books. Most are paid, but you can also find some that are free.
  • Literanda: An independent online publisher and bookstore that wants to both publish classic literary texts in the public domain for free and in electronic format, as well as offer the possibility for authors to self-publish.
  • OpenLibra: A free online library where you can find many free books, although I already warned you that it is specialized in technical and computer issues, so those will be the topics you will find.
  • The eReader Cafe: If you don’t feel like having to log in to look at pages like Amazon, on this page they put the eBooks that come to Amazon for free. The bad news is that they point to the US version of the online store instead of the Spanish one.
  • BookBub: Another page that is dedicated to looking for temporary offers with which to obtain free ebooks in about twenty genres, from recognized authors to other independent ones. The offers are sought for Kindle, Nook, iPad, and Android devices, although always in English.
  • Open Library: A vast bookstore with hundreds of thousands of free books, most of them classical literature. It allows you to download books in various formats, and you can even read them online directly from the web. They are all perfectly categorized by genre, and it has advanced search functions.
  • Open Culture: A blog dedicated to open and free culture, where 800 free works have been compiled in eBook format. It is not a web that keeps the books, but an index that points to other pages.
  • Biblio: This is a public meta-platform in which each community can create its book-lending platform for several days. With this, the Biblio public e-book lending network has different variants for each autonomous community, which are based on their own Network of Public Libraries, and you can find everything from the latest publishing news to general and specialized magazines.
  • Pixel of Ink: Another page that collects temporary e-book deals on
  • Book Lending: A page in English looking for a different concept. You can sign up to lend your e-books for free for a certain period and to borrow others from other users.
  • Another page that catalogs free books in English that you can access in different formats. In this case, it has its review system to be able to know the opinion of other users regarding the books and filter them according to their ratings.

How to convert other formats to a compatible one

How to convert other formats to a compatible one

On most of the listing pages, you will download the eBooks in different formats, but then you will have to manually convert and transfer them to Kindle. To do this, it is best to resort to the veteran Caliber application that you can download on its official websiteIt is available for Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux, and in addition to allowing you to convert various eBook formats, it also lets you import your book directly to the device when you have it connected to your computer.

The installation process is relatively simple, and the only difficulty or question you may encounter is that they will ask you what your e-reader model is. If you know it, it is good that you put it for a better-defined experience, especially when putting your books in it, but it is an optional setting. They will also ask you to choose an empty folder in which to save the books that you add to the program.

Once you have Caliber installed, you first have to hit the Add Book button located on the top right to choose the file you want to convert. Then choose the book you have on your computer. When you have it, select it from the list. If you only want to convert the book to a Kindle format, it will be enough to click on Convert Books and then select Amazon’s AZW3 format.

And if you want to move the book to your Kindle, plug the device into the computer you’re running Calibre on. Once you do, start by selecting the book you want to move (1) to the device from the list. Remember that before you have to click on Add book to add it to the list. Once the book is selected on your list, click the Send to Device button (2) to complete the shipment.