The Best Alternative Apps And Platforms To Netflix

There is a world beyond Netflix and here we show it to you.

Currently, Netflix is ​​the streaming video platform that has the largest number of users, but it is no longer the only one, competition is getting stronger and many alternatives make original content available to you, both series and TV. films. Do you want to know what are the best alternatives to Netflix? Here are 9 options for you to put Netflix aside.

Tv tubi

tv tubi

Now we will talk about an app for those who cannot pay a subscription or simply do not want toTV Tubi is a completely free app that will allow you to watch a wide variety of movies and TV series; Every week an endless variety of content is included, both action, comedy, drama, and children.

Of course, not everything can be perfect, the app has advertising, but if you compare it to cable TV, the amount of advertising is much less.

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Hulu has a very extensive catalog of series and movies, in addition to reality shows and various contests, however, what stands out the most is all the content from FX Networks. The app allows downloads on 5 devices at the same time and later views them without an Internet connection.

Unfortunately, Hulu is not yet available in Spain, however, you can enjoy the service using a VPN. The cost of their service is $5.99 for the basic plan with advertising and $11.99 for the subscription without ads. It also offers access to more than 65 live TV channels, but here the price increases to $54.99 per month.

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Pluto tv

Since its arrival, Pluto TV has been a revolution, since you can enjoy its more than 40 TV channels with high-quality content for free.

All the channels that you will see on Pluto TV are exclusive and it is not included in any other streaming service, however, it is ad-supported, and compared to other options it is quite limited. Another detail is that we are not talking about content that you can watch whenever you want like on Netflix, but about television channels with established programming.

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Finally, if you like Japanese programming, with Viki you will be able to entertain yourself thanks to its content of movies and dramatic series not only from Korea but also from Japan, China, and Taiwan. Plus, you can enjoy music performances and award-winning shows in high definition and ad-free. Before subscribing you can use the service for 7 days for free, after that you will have to cancel for $9.99 per month.

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