The best weather apps for Android

Many apps see the Weather on Android, but not all are equally accurate and complete. Although on Google Play, it is possible to find dozens of apps within this category, only some manage to stand out from the rest.

To help you choose the best weather app or, at least, the one that best suits your needs, today, we wanted to select the best applications that exist to see the Weather from your mobile. Free, without advertising, paid … You will find apps of all kinds that can be adjusted to your needs.

Logically, the application landscape is constantly changing. That is why this list will remain updated continuously so that we will be adding new applications of the time as they emerge.

The best weather apps for Android

Weather apps for Android: the best you can download

  • AccuWeather
  • Google
  • Yahoo Weather
  • Done
  • Today Weather
  • Overdrop
  • Forecast
  • Carrot
  • Appy Weather
  • Hello Weather
  • Shadow Weather
  • Geometric Weather

Finding the best weather app for Android is not easy. Above all, because each person has different tastes and needs. In any case, you will likely find your new favorite weather app on this list.


One of the veterans, one of the experts. AccuWeather carries out weather forecasts worldwide and is the source of information for many other applications that we can find in the Google Play Store.

You will have all the information you may need in a single application, with the assurance that you are dealing with the experts, so their forecasts are almost always accurate. It also has extras such as real-time radar and minute-by-minute forecasts.

The app was revamped entirely not long ago, with a modernized design and features that make it an even more complete app.


Google is used for practically Everything, and its weather card is the fastest way you have to check the weather forecast from your mobile. Keep it simple, you have Everything at your fingertips, and thanks to your default location, Google will notify you of any change in the Weather that you should know about.


You can check the forecast for this afternoon, for tomorrow, or ten days from now. You will also have graphs about the temperature, the probability of precipitation, the wind, the time of sunrise … Everything you would find in a much more complex application,

Best of all, you don’t even need to install an app to see the Weather since Google’s search engine is built into most Android devices. In addition, it is a free weather app without advertising, two aspects that make it unique in its category.

Yahoo Weather

It is one of the most visual applications, with many different images of the area in which you consult. Indeed, its design has not changed excessively since its launch several years ago, but that takes it away from being one of the best applications of the time for Android .

Yahoo Weather

Details of each hour, for each day, and up to 10 days view. You will have all the information you need, all the details from interactive maps of temperature, rain, and wind to radiation indices, through weather alerts and widgets for your desktop.


We face an application that takes much less time than the previous ones, but that has earned good reviews for having a beautiful design and being helpful. You will have at your disposal all kinds of forecasts in great detail, on an initial screen full of information.



Klara is based on all kinds of graphics, thanks to which you can know Everything at a glance. Precipitation, wind, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and even humidity are all shown visually.

Today Weather

For many, the best weather application for Android that exists in 2020. Today Weather is an application that stands out from the rest for its excellent design minimalist, which gives weather information the importance it deserves.

Today Weather

Today Weather has weekly weather forecasts, rain alerts, and weather alerts, radar, information from different sources such as Dark Sky, now owned by Apple, and above all, a unique aesthetic.

It is a free weather app for Android, including the possibility of unlocking a version Pro that grants access to some exclusive functions and benefits.


The minimalist weather app that your mobile needs. If you are a lover of good design, Overdrop is probably the best weather app for Android when it comes to aesthetics.

Overdrop step1

This application includes radar, Weather, and weather alerts in real-time, all under a careful design customizable through its different themes and widgets for our home screen.

Again, we are talking about a free weather app, although a version of Pro unlocks access to all the themes and the rest of the application’s functions.


A free and ad-free weather app for Android that you can install on your mobile is Forecasting.

Behind it is an open-source project that bases its operation on data OpenWeatherMap. Despite being free, it is not far behind other applications in terms of functions and features.

Forecastie step1

The app can view a weather forecast intuitively, thanks to the graphs that show the Weather in the next five days in our location.

It includes a map that shows the temperature, rain, and wind speed and integrates widgets for the home screen. In addition, it has a meticulous design based on Google’s Material Design lines, with a dark theme available.

If what you are looking for is the best free weather application for Android, and you don’t want to live with ads, Forecasting is probably the best app you can download on your mobile, without a doubt.


After succeeding on iOS, Carrot Weather came to Google Play to fight for the throne of the best weather app for Android.

This app has a unique design, which is nothing like the rest of the time apps. In addition, it is dominated by a robot that will be in charge of offering us the information about the Weather directly on our mobile.

Carrot step1

Among its many functions, one of the most striking is time machine Carrot’s built-in, which allows us to see an estimate of the Weather that will be in any location up to 10 years in the future, or to consult the weather data that he did in a particular place up to 70 years in the past.

Unlike its iOS version, Carrot for Android is free to download, including some ads. However, it becomes an ad-free weather app as soon as we subscribe to the version premium.

Appy Weather

Simple, easy to use, and with a careful design: Appy Weather is undoubtedly one of the best weather apps that exist on Android.

Its creators define it as “the most personal weather app,” and Appy Weather aims to offer the most accurate information at the most opportune moment, without unnecessary additions or distractions.

Appy Weather step1

Unlike other applications, whose weather data is lost in technical terms, Appy Weather summarizes the Weather in a language accessible for anyone to understand. In addition, this weather app is in Spanish and, despite using Dark Sky as a source of weather information, it is available in Spain.

Hello Weather

Another excellent weather application for Android that uses Dark Sky as a data source, although sooner or later, it will end up using an alternative.

Hello, Weather was created by a group of developers who thought that most weather apps are full of advertising, unnecessary functions, and, above all, have confusing interfaces.

Hello Weather step1

For this reason, this weather app for Android – which is also available on iOS – gets rid of all those scourges and offers a simple, beautiful and intuitive experience when it comes to viewing the Weather from our Android mobile or tablet.

It is free to download and use, although some features require a subscription to the paid version.

Shadow Weather

The perfect weather app for those looking for an alternative to Dark Sky for Android.

Shadow Weather has a simple and minimalist design, created by an independent developer whose mission is to build the most accurate weather application in terms of weather forecasts.

Shadow Weather step1

Despite its simple design, the application is equipped with exciting functions such as interactive radar, monitor real-time rays, or synchronization with our calendar. The app can show the Weather in the locations of each of the events. We are saved in our schedule.

Geometric Weather

Geometric Weather is another weather app for Android that stands out for its design, based on Google’s Material Design lines.

Geometric Weather step1

It has a 15-day weather forecast, air quality monitor, real-time temperature, and more. The information is provided in the best possible way thanks to a clean and neat appearance, with an automatic dark theme, widgets for the home screen, and animated wallpaper, the most striking, which shows the weather information in our location in real-time.