WhatsApp Can Now Be Used From A Computer Without Having The Phone Connected: This Is How You Can Activate It

WhatsApp can now be used from a computer without having the phone connected this is how you can activate it

If you are a true WhatsApp ninja and you usually use the computer, you are surely used to using tools such as WhatsApp Web or the corresponding desktop applications. The problem is that with all of them you had to have a connected phone, something that changes with the latest update of the web version.

The popular tool for instant messaging has been updated in the web version and now allows use without keeping the phone connected (even turned off). In addition, it can be used on up to four linked devices and one phone at the same time (for now, the same account cannot be used on two mobiles at the same time).

WhatsApp at hand, even with the mobile turned off

The company has enabled one of the most anticipated functions by users. It is no longer necessary to keep the phone near the PC or Mac on which we are working. We can even have the mobile turned off so that we can continue sending and receiving messages on the computer.

The latest update makes it possible to use WhatsApp without a mobile connection. You just need to access the WhatsApp Web page and link the mobile in the usual way. For the tests, we have used WhatsApp for iOS in version, version 2.2142.12 of WhatsApp Web, and version 2.2140.12 of WhatsApp Desktop.

In the tests, I have managed to access the most common functions of WhatsApp, those that are part of everyday life. Along with sending messages, I have made calls and video calls even with the mobile in airplane mode.

In the case of iOS from WhatsApp itself and accessing “Settings”, then entering “Linked devices” and clicking on “Link device”. We scan the QR code that appears on WhatsApp Web and we will have to see a message on the screen like the one below.

In the case of doing it from an Android phone, the process is essentially the same but we access “Settings” by clicking on the three-point menu and then entering “Linked devices” and clicking on “Link device”.

In my case, I am not a user of the beta version of WhatsApp, which means that this new option must be beginning to reach all users. It is also necessary to have the latest version of the application downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store.