The best applications to put effects on your face

Despite being now a platform in clear decline, Snapchat was in charge of making the augmented reality facial effects fashionable, which now flood dozens of services and social networks of all kinds. Some smartphone manufacturers have even introduced the ability to add real-time facial effects via the camera app in their phone software.

However, it is always possible to resort to one of the many applications in Google Play to put filters on our faces and later capture images or videos before sharing them with the world. In this article, we select the best we have found.

Facial effects in real-time with your mobile camera: the best apps


SnapchatYour moment may already have passed. However, Snapchat remains at the forefront of the rest of social networks regarding real-time facial effects. The ghost’s social network even has a platform designed to offer artists the possibility of creating their filters and face masks based on augmented reality, which users can later use through the mobile app.

Snapchat for Android also recently received one of the biggest redesigns in its history and is now much easier to use the app. You may not be interested in sharing your life with the other members of the platform, but it is still possible to use the app’s functions in terms of effects and skins and save the images and videos to share them on other social networks.


InstagramAmong the entire list of functions and features that Instagram has “borrowed” from Snapchat, the facial effects could not be missing. Since the Facebook social network introduced Instagram Stories, the company has focused part of its efforts on flooding this application with filters, masks, stickers, and other additions to personalize our content.

One of the advantages of Instagram in this sense is that due to its popularity, we can find official facial effects of important events, such as the premiere of the last season of Game of Thrones. The app is also frequently updated with other themed filters and effects created by artists.


FaceAppBut not everything was going to be social networks. One of the most famous face effects apps that exist on Google Play is FaceAppThis tool bases its operation on Artificial Intelligence systems. Through a selfie, it can add smiles, rejuvenate or age our facial features, change our gender –virtually, of course– and more, all in a couple of seconds.

The results obtained with this application are surprising, and it is not surprising that social networks are flooded with images generated through FaceApp.


Another classic that could not be missing in a compilation of this type is MSQRD. Launched in 2016 and later acquired by Facebook to enhance their effects technology and facial filters, this application operation is based on an algorithm tracking facial movements; through machine learning, it can apply different effects to our car while accompanying the movements of the face.

Although the application has not been updated for a long time – and it does not look like that will change – it continues to work as well as the first day, and its catalog of effects will be more than enough for most.

Face warp

Unlike the other applications in this selection, Face Warp does not add filters or elements to our images and videos but only allows us to distort our facial features. Despite this, it has its facial tracking system always to maintain the effect on our face despite movements.

The application is available in two different variants. Both include the same effects, and the main difference is that one of them allows you to capture video. At the same time, the other is intended to generate images and even allows you to create collages with the photos.

YouCam Fun

The last application of this selection is YouCam Fun. Like some of the others that we have already seen, it allows adding face filters in real-time, and the range of effects is frequently updated to introduce new ones, including some themes.