How to know if someone has saved your phone number with WhatsApp

WhatsApp continues to add new features to improve the application, such as modifying the time limit for the recipient to delete a message or add famous stickers. However, certain things can only be carried out through tricks, such as the one that helps you know if someone has your phone number saved.

How to know if someone has saved your phone number with WhatsAppThere are a few small steps to follow in WhatsApp to find out if someone has your phone number, and that is because the famous instant messaging application can be a great ally to find out if a stranger has your phone number.

This simple trick works for both Android and iOS devices, and it doesn’t take much time. The first thing to do is create a broadcast channel with all your contacts and groups in which you are participating, which allows you to send the same message to several contacts simultaneously without having to create a group.

A WhatsApp trick allows you to find out if a stranger has your number

When you are creating the channel, the following message will appear: “only contacts with your number in their contact list will receive your broadcast messages.” From here, all that remains is to send a text message and wait a few hours to access the information in the message and allow time for all users to read it.

By accessing the information of the sent message, you can check who read the text, as well as at what time and which contacts have not seen it yet. If in this section there is a number that you do not have saved in your agenda or that you cannot relate to a known person, it means that that stranger has your number stored in their agenda.

If you want those strangers not to see the connection time or the profile photo, you can always configure the privacy filters through Settings in Android, then go to Account and click on Privacy. At that time, you can make your number and profile less visible to strangers who have your number.