The Cheapest Tesla Car On The Market Is Now Even Cheaper

The cheapest Tesla car on the market is now even cheaper

Before the arrival of the Model 3, which will be Tesla’s most affordable car, Elon Musk’s company is adjusting the prices of its current vehicles. This is how as of today, the entry-level Model S receives a price cut of $ 7,750, which makes it the best-priced Tesla on the market today, and also comes with better battery and equipment.

Without prior notice, Tesla is announcing the news on the prices of its cars, with significant reductions for entry-level models and slight increases in the prices of the top-of-the-range, as well as the cessation of production of the models that opened the spectrum.

$7,750 off

Tesla is announcing that the Model S 60 and 60D, at $77,250 and $82,200 respectively, will be discontinued starting today, meaning the Model S 75 will be the new entry model. Therefore, this model, which was priced at $90,500, lowers its price to $69,500, which makes it the most affordable model of the company, of course, before the arrival of the Model 3, which is expected by the end of this year.

This drop in prices also brings us a restructuring in the equipment of the Model S, since from now on all models will include the panoramic glass roof, which was an additional option with a price of 1,500 dollars.

On the other hand, as of April 24, the 100D and P100D models will suffer an increase, which in the end will maintain the average sale price of Tesla. In short, the entry-level will go down as of today, while the high-end will go up in price from April 24, something that will also affect the Model X.

Model S

  • 75: $69,500
  • 75D: $74,500
  • 90D: $87,500
  • 100D: $97,500 (as of April 24)
  • P100D: $140,000 (as of April 24)

 Model X

  • 75D: $82,500
  • 90D: $93,500
  • 100D: $99,500 (as of April 24)
  • P100D: $145,000 (as of April 24)