The Most Expensive House In The US Costs 295 Million And Is So, So Home-Automated That It Has Its Own Server Room

The most expensive house in the US costs 295 million and is so, so home automated that it has its own server room

Talking about “The One”, the mega residence located on top of a hill in Bel Air, Los Angeles, just nine kilometers from the beach, is about luxury. And in XXL sizes. So much so that references are often found presenting it as the largest and most expensive modern mansion in all of the United States; tables, of course, are not lacking: in terms of surface, it measures no less than 105,000 square feet, the equivalent of 9,700 m2; and as far as price is concerned, a few weeks ago it was announced that it was going on sale for 295 million dollars, 259 million euros.

Beyond its Guinness record-breaking dimensions or the fact that it would almost take a street map to navigate its kilometer-long corridors and its labyrinth of rooms, lounges, and bathrooms, “The One” stands out for another very rare peculiarity: it incorporates so many gadgets, so much electronics, that it has its server room. One, by the way, is located in the heart of the house.

“The One”, or how to build big. As the commercial agent Rayni Williams explains to Enes Yilmazer, a YouTuber dedicated to showing large mansions in the United States —especially in the Los Angeles area— “The One” is “an entity” rather than a typical home. This Legendary space has earned its fame through large numbers.

Yilmazer details that the complex houses 21 rooms and more than 40 bathrooms, a stunning display that is completed with a garage with a capacity for 30 cars, a cellar with nearly 10,000 bottles of wine, its private party room, a bowling alley, meeting room cinema, beauty salon, kitchens, saunas, swimming pools, mini golf, dining rooms, lounges, a 3,000 square meter terrace with privileged views, a glass sculpture designed by Simone Cenedese in the middle of the patio, a 460 m2 suite, rooms with ceilings almost cathedrals, located eight meters high… A vast sum and continues that dwarf most mansions.

And in the center, his big brain. Unlike mansions that relegate electrical equipment to the basements, between the boilers and the broom room, the creators of “The One” wanted to show off the technological muscle of the complex. Not only with large screens and appliances deployed throughout the building but Also with its great peculiarity, with its server room, located in a glass room next to one of its rooms.

“This is the brain of the house. They spent so much money on it, and it took up so much space that they wanted to make it a showroom. That’s why it has this glass wall. There you have it: if you want to power a house like this, with all those iPads and other gadgets, this is what you need”, jokes Yilmazer while showing the server room, bigger than most rooms that you can probably find in the standard buildings of any city in Spain. You can check the exact moment in the video above, at minute 18.

A movie house created by a film professional. “The One” looks like a movie mansion and, in a way, has ties to the film industry. Its promoter is Nile Niami, a film producer turned real estate developer. Beyond grabbing headlines due to the enormous dimensions of the mansion, as a business, it does not seem that it is not starting on the right foot. After ten years of work, Business Insider explains that he intended to sell it for 500 million dollars. A month ago, however, it was announced that it was going on sale for 295.

The Realtor specifies that the Miami company had to pay about 28 million dollars just for the land to build the complex. During the work, which lasted nearly a decade, it managed to mobilize 600 workers. In September, however, CNBC reported that the owner had defaulted on loans and debts worth more than $165 million, which led to suspending payments and the property going on sale. Anyone interested in the online auction should assume that, from the outset, they will deposit $250,000.

The future of “The One”, hand in hand with cryptocurrencies? In a twist on the script and an unexpected attempt to change the future of “The Point,” Niami recently posted a video on YouTube proposing to investors interested in “walking hand in hand with me into the stratosphere” a peculiar plan: to create “The One Coin”, a cryptocurrency backed by the value of the mansion. It aims to transfer it to the currency, “tokenize” the house, and make the construction profitable by renting it out for weddings and other events. Then part of the profits would be distributed among investors.