Game Time: The Secret of NFT


The Secret of NFT

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have revolutionized the digital assets landscape, creating new opportunities in various sectors, including gaming. But what’s the secret behind their success? Let’s dive in and explore.

The Rise of NFTs in Gaming

NFTs in gaming have created a new realm of possibilities, providing unique and verifiable digital assets that players can truly own. Unlike traditional in-game items, NFTs can be bought, sold, or traded on various marketplaces, giving them real-world value. One noteworthy project that’s making waves in this space is Chainers.

A New Era of NFT Gaming

Chainers is a game where NFTs play a critical role. In Chainers, players start by claiming a free NFT character, known as a Chainer, which they can customize with new NFT features daily. This character serves as a key to entering the Chainers’ Metaverse, with its capabilities and appearance influenced by the NFT assets collected by the player.​

In the Chainersverse, players can craft in-game assets as NFTs, farm resources, customize their environment, create in-game communities, compete in various games, and even influence the game’s development through voting. The game is built on its own sidechain, based on the Polygon network, which ensures fast and low-cost transactions​.

The game also has an in-game currency, $FRI, which players can earn by claiming free NFTs and participating in events. This currency can be used to purchase additional NFT packs or items, further enhancing a player’s Chainer and their experience within the game​.

The appeal of Gaming NFTs

The appeal of gaming Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) lies in their ability to revolutionize the gaming landscape in several key ways:

Ownership and Monetization

NFTs provide gamers with real ownership of their in-game assets. These digital assets, represented as unique tokens on the blockchain, can be traded, sold, or leased, creating opportunities for players to monetize their gaming experience.

Interoperability and Cross-Game Usage

NFTs offer the potential for assets to be used across different games or platforms. A weapon or avatar owned in one game could potentially be used in another, fostering a more interconnected gaming ecosystem.

Creating a Decentralized Gaming Economy

NFTs, coupled with blockchain technology, enable the creation of decentralized gaming economies. This means players can influence the game’s economy through their actions and trades, creating a more dynamic and player-driven environment.

In essence, gaming NFTs are empowering gamers, turning them from consumers into active participants and contributors in the gaming economy.

Future of NFTs in Gaming

NFTs are like digital collector’s items, and they’re changing how we play video games. In the future, you can use the same special item in many different games. And here’s a cool part: you could even make money from playing! This is because some games let you sell the items you earn or find.

But we also have to be careful. We need to figure out how much these digital items are really worth, who owns them, and how to keep the game fun and fair for everyone. So while NFTs are really exciting, we have to think hard about the best ways to use them in games.

Taking a look at the most popular NFT Games

Axie Infinity

This is a blockchain-based game where players breed, raise, battle, and trade fantasy creatures called “Axies.” The Axies and the in-game items are represented as NFTs, allowing players to truly own their game assets and even trade them for real-world value on various marketplaces.


In this game, players receive a free NFT character that can be customized and upgraded with additional NFT assets. The game also allows players to craft in-game assets, farm resources, and participate in various mini-games. All these assets are NFTs and have use within the game’s universe.

Banano Miner

This isn’t a game, but it’s a fun and interactive way to earn the Banano cryptocurrency. Users perform calculations on their computers that contribute to medical research (via Folding@home), and in return, they earn Banano. This helps make the entry into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain more accessible and entertaining.


In conclusion, the intersection of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and gaming has opened up a new frontier for the gaming industry. This is represented by the emergence of games that not only offer entertainment value but also provide players with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies and possess digital assets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).