The Trailer For ‘Strange World’, The New Disney Animated Film, Overflows With Love For Classic Science Fiction

The trailer for 'Strange World', the new Disney animated film, overflows with love for classic science fiction

With a trailer that deliciously imitates the advances of the old sci-fi movies from the fifties, the new Disney animated film seems to want to recover some of that naive devotion to the adventures of exploring time and space that characterizes best genre pulp literature. The title of this new proposal, ‘Mundo extraño’ (or ‘Strange World’) is a pure classic sense of wonder.

The film is the new proposal from director Don Hall and screenwriter Qui Nguyen, who already collaborated on the interesting ‘ Raya and the Last Dragon ‘, one of Disney’s latest animated hits. Hall, as a director, has signed other films for the company, such as ‘Moana’ (in collaboration with the totems Ron Climens and John Musker) and, already alone, ‘Big Hero 6’. They are very juicy backgrounds for an adventure that promises fantasy and adventure in true Disney style.

Little is known about the plot, beyond the fact that we will meet the Clade family, a lineage of adventurers (although, from what is seen in the trailer, some are more convinced of their destiny than others) who will arrive at an unknown planet. There, creatures that have nothing human will put them in danger and make them enjoy a world radically different from ours.

Undoubtedly, the most attractive thing about ‘Strange World’ is the peculiarity of its aesthetics and its color palette, in that purple that automatically takes us back to the neon special effects of the eighties. With completely alien creatures, without human characteristics, this could be one of the most genuine sci-fi adventures that Disney has produced in its animated division in years.