Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead and Ironcast are free on the Epic Games Store – add them to the library and they’re yours forever

Bridge Constructor

Yes, here we are for another week. We cannot avoid traditions and routines, especially when it costs us nothing. The Epic Games Store already has its new free games available, and it’s time to get hold of them to include them in the library.

Last week we only had one, but we got two cups this Thursday. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, through this link and Ironcast, with this other link, are available from this moment, July 8, until July 15, at no cost on the digital platform. Obduction and Offworld Trading Company will be the next free games.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Few surprises in this regard. The game is exactly what you imagine: a cross between AMC’s famous zombie series and the popular bridge-building hit. This time around, failing will mean being eaten by the undead, so don’t skimp on the budget.


Steampunk puzzles. A crazy combination that transports us to a Victorian sci-fi era as we control a giant seven-meter robot. To defend England in 1880, it will be necessary to plan each movement of the nodes that we will have since a poorly placed piece can mean the end of the game.