The Xbox Game Bar is updated: become more fluid and add a resource manager to control your gaming sessions on PC

The Xbox Game Bar is updated

That Xbox is more than one console has been clear for a long time. And it is that after the appointment of Phil Spencer as director of the brand, only good news has arrived for PC players: the launch of exclusives and the philosophy Play Anywhere, the arrival of GamePass on PC, or launches designed for the platform such as Flight Simulator or Gears Tactics.

And, although it is not so relevant, Microsoft’s work is vital when it comes to optimizing its platforms and applications on PC and giving players more options. Thus was born the Xbox Game Bar, a dedicated overlay and from which you can check your friend’s list, achievements, the performance of our games, or access recording and screen capture options.

Now Microsoft gives it a minor facelift, including more and better options when it comes to consulting tasks and processes in the background (a kind of integrated task manager that does not force us to abandon the game that we are enjoying) and integrates a section to check the compatibility of our PC and video games with DirectX 12 Ultimate.

In addition, the project manager in charge of working on this update confirms that work has been done to improve fluency and performance. The Xbox Game Bar update is now available.