This preview of Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade makes it clear what will be in store for us in its extra chapter for PS5

June is the month Square Enix chose to continue the exclusivity of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation consoles. After its debut on PS4 on April 10, 2020, it is a special edition for PS5 with an entire chapter.

Under the name of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, we are presented with the incentive to handle Yuffie Kisaragi for the first time in this remake of the classic Final Fantasy VII from 1997. And this inevitably means another license from Square Enix when it comes to rewriting the history of this iconic installment.

Yuffie’s INTERmission in this FF7 remake

Yuffies INTERmission in this FF7 remake

That Yuffie appears in Midgar and not in its exteriors, as it happened in the original, is one of the significant changes of this Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. Because now Yuffie will not be a secret character either. It is also a chapter that plays an absolute leading role, without Cloud, Barret, or Tifa.

With a first act that starts precisely where AVALANCHE is based, our objective as Yuffie will be to infiltrate Shinra’s headquarters to steal his ultimate matter. And for this, we will have to advance through the streets of the sector five neighborhood and climb one of the parts that give access to the military zone.

This “INTERmission,” as Square Enix says, in turn, enjoys multiple missions to show that this addition has all the typical ingredients of an expansion, being an accessible extra (upon payment) if we buy Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 at the time (no, the PlayStation Plus incentive is not worth it, as the Japanese company made clear), although Intergrade is only for PS5.

Its creators have shown us extensive gameplay with a good portion of what this exclusive content will bring us, surprising the recycling of part of the sector 5 scene itself, which we have visited many times from PS4. Of course, with Yuffie, there will be new areas within that sector, some elevated, to take advantage of his skills as an elite special agent of the Wutai government.

Yes, his ninja skills, without going any further. Because we can overcome obstacles with greater agility than Cloud, Barret, or Tifa, and with an extra incentive: that Yuffie can launch her shuriken to break boxes located in the distance or activate mechanisms without being close. We will see the latter with a small puzzle where we will not be able to advance until we find the objective in question goes.

This ability is used with the triangle button, being the most comfortable when breaking boxes that are far away. And in one area, we will not stop using it, since many will be presented to us on both sides of the screen while we go up a freight elevator with a final surprise … a big surprise.

An extra for Intergrade without leaving Midgar

An extra for Intergrade without leaving Midgar

Yes, from the new video shown by Square Enix, it was clear that there will be (at least) one boss who was not in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and for which we will need the collaboration of Sonon Yuffie’s partner. Both will perform joint attacks as a technique that causes a deadly whirling whirlpool of wind.

Among those skills of Yuffie, we have been able to see its variants within the “Art of War” or the different types of elemental Ninjutsu, to provoke attacks of fire, ice, or thunder to the enemies, being ideal to know in advance their weaknesses to inflict more damage on them. And also stun them to increase the critical percentage afterward. In this sense, Yuffie and Sonon have shown themselves as two experienced warriors to spare within Midgar.

Now, as happened with the main story of this remake, in Intergrade, there will be intense moments that will contrast with others much more relaxed or ridiculous, such as a secondary mission in which it will be necessary to collect six pamphlets of the Happy Turtle Jingle in sector 7, seeing how one of them has a cat that of course will have to be located among other similar felines.

An extra for Intergrade without leaving Midgar 1

As if that were not enough, there will also be a minigame: Fort Condor. After talking with Polk and he gave us a starting deck, we will be able to play the first games, being before a game that follows the scheme of many successful games in the mobile devices sector: two bases, several defenses, and “cards” that It will be necessary to place on the board until eliminating the rival before the time runs out.

The Final Fantasy saga has always enjoyed quite addictive minigames, especially card games. Indeed, this addition to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is an excellent excuse to extend its duration.

There is little more to highlight within the gameplay twelve-minute by Square Enix that we have accessed, except for the final appearance of the invocation of Ramuh, another of the novelties of this INTERmission, along with the limit “Blood Bath” of the same Yuffie. What other surprises will the Japanese company have up its sleeve? We will have to wait until June 10, 2021, to verify it.