Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is free on Steam for a limited time: Get hold of it and it’s yours forever

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is free on Steam for a limited time get hold of it and its yours forever

If there is something that we never reject and welcome with open arms, it is free games. We like it so much that the data from the Epic Games Store in 2020 shows that downloading the weekly title is a custom among the community.

That is why there are opportunities such as those presented by Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, accessible on Steam. You can download through this link that the rhythm of that digital library does not decline. The promotion ends on February 1 at 7:00 p.m.

If you don’t know what the game is about, you’re going to laugh. It is a battle simulator, in which you can face all kinds of beings, from zombies against medieval knights to today’s heavily armed soldiers against Jedi Knights from Star Wars. Plus, you can make waves of them colliding to watch the massacre.

Meanwhile, you can also get Dandara: Trials of Free Edition in the Epic store to include in your list of pending games. The “downside” of these promotions is that we already have several accumulated games to get used to the idea that we will not play them all.