Videogame remakes: for or against? This is what VidaExtra readers think

Videogame remakes for or against This is what VidaExtra readers think

The debate that we proposed to you last week on our Discord server was the following:

Videogame remakes: for or against? Why?

We did something similar with the remasters last July and the majority sentiment, with all possible nuances, was positive. Let’s see what has happened in the case of the remakes.

Our reader bit comments the following:

“Video game remakes … as long as they don’t overshadow new developments, in favor. The problem is that Nintendo is dedicated to making remakes of all the exclusives and that, although the rest of us enjoy them on their console, it tires us a bit because we don’t. We like to buy 2-10 times the same game. I give an example of what we do not want to buy too much: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD.

And an example of what we do like to acquire: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

If you do a remake, give me the impression that you have worked on the Remake, convince me that I pay you with good taste, not with a bitter taste, even if I acquire it for another new generation of players to enjoy it as I wanted it in its day But don’t think I’m being fooled by not turning on the dusty console I have in the attic. ”

Jose Lorenzo 16 responds directly to the bit :

“I agree with you. Although it is more or less the same story, they change something and add new things. For example, Pok√©mon Omega Ruby is the same story with the same characters, you have the same goal, but you have new items, history changes if you do something.

The Remake is to remove things that do not work, improve them, put more things, and improve everything. Don’t say, “I spent the money on something I already had just because they improved the graphics and touched four things.” And they have touched 50,000, but they have worsened the history, the gameplay, etc. “.

Clandestino04, on the other hand, comments the following:

“I am not in favor of remakes, but I am in favor of remastering because in all the cases in which it has been done, it has ended up being, in my opinion, an excuse to be able to sell the same game in duplicate.

A great example of this is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, in which I have not found any difference from the original, and yet they ask for 60 euros. Although it is something perfectly free and it is the company’s decision, in cases where practically nothing has been touched, it seems like a mockery to the community‚ÄĒespecially Nintendo, which seems to be used to this. And there are indeed some good remakes like Resident Evil or Age of Empires, but I think that in general, the remakes serve to force most fans of a series to buy the same game and, in many cases, even more expensive. ”

Teico leaves us a much shorter and more direct message:

“More than remakes, I prefer continuations of the style of the new God of War or Ratchet and Clank now for PS5.”

Sir Fatter, for his part, tells us this:

“Totally in favor. The original can always be enjoyed as it was conceived. Remakes (well done) open the possibility of experiencing those same sensations with more powerful graphics and, sometimes, improvements. What I would give to share God of War (2005) with new generation graphics … “.

Dark Blue Saiyan 5 continues in that vein:

“I am in favor because there are perfect games, and I would like to see them with more definition and better graphics. The clear example would be a Final Fantasy 1, Resident Evil 3, or the first two GTAs from play 1, for example”.

Finally we have the message from Amadeus_dark, which also throws a bit there:

“In favor but with nuances.

To begin with, I think it should take two generations before a remake is considered for a significant change to be appreciated. And the same I say for remasters.

And by the way, comment that I always see people confuse and mix the following concepts:

Port: is to transfer a game as is without changes.

Vitamin Port: the game is moved almost as is, but with some improvements (Super Mario Sunshine on Switch, where panoramic and 1080p are added).

Remaster: in essence, it is still a port, but in this case, the gameplay and graphics have been more intensively involved, and in a sense, it is still the same game (The Last of Us on PS4 compared to PS3, for example ).

Graphic Remake: it is the same game without changes in the plot or levels (although there are some playable changes), but it has been redone from scratch to be able to give it a new visual section more in line with the machine where it runs (the Super Mario All-Stars from SNES and the N64’s Zelda for 3DS are good examples).

Total Remake: not only is the game graphically remade, but it is also practically everything that is changed (the Resident Evil 2 remake is an excellent example) “.

At this point, it seems that, again, the sentiment is mostly positive. With nuances, but we see a clear rejection of remakes.

The comments are at your disposal so that you can continue with the conversation in this article and contribute your point of view on the subject.

Thank you very much, everyone, for participating, as every week, we will leave you a new debate on Discord.