You can now send Amazon Prime Video content to your Google Chromecast

After a wait of several years, Amazon has finally given its arm to twist: Amazon Prime Video users will be able to play the platform’s content on television through Google Chromecast. The company had promised the arrival of this function at the beginning of the year. Still, it was not until now that both Google and Amazon announced a better integration between the services of both companies.

This, however, is not the only novelty regarding the Amazon and Google platforms. First, the YouTube app is now available again on Fire TV devices, almost half a year after Google pulled its app from Amazon’s service. We will install and use the YouTube application. We will install the second generation and 4K Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Basic Edition. Support has also been added for some smart TVs based on the Amazon platform.

It is now possible to watch Amazon Prime Video movies and series on TV through Chromecast

It is now possible to watch Amazon Prime Video movies and series on TV through Chromecast

As both companies have confirmed, the sending of Prime Video content to the television will be available in every generation of the Google Chromecast. It is enough to install the latest version of the application – available on both Android and iOS from today–.

As for the Prime Video app for Android TV, although until now it could only be installed on some specific devices such as the Nvidia Shield series, Amazon assures that from today it will be available on a more significant number of televisions and appliances. Different manufacturers.

Finally, it is necessary to comment that, at the moment, there seem to be no plans to bring the YouTube app to Amazon Echo Show devices, a clear disadvantage compared to rivals such as those of the series Google Nest Hub that we were able to analyze, and which do count. With native support for the application.

Be that as it may, undoubtedly the most important and long-awaited news is the arrival of Chromecast support to Amazon Prime Video, as the platform streaming of the company led by Jeff Bezos finally catches up with competitors such as HBO or Netflix in this sense. Finally, we remind you that the subscription to Amazon Prime Video is included in Amazon Prime and that you can get a free trial month.