2020 Calendar in Excel Format with Holidays


We present a 2020 calendar to print or export to PDF with all US holidays highlighted in red. The Excel calendar updates automatically, therefore, it can also be used for years to come.

To plan your activities throughout the year, organize tasks, keep track of appointments, and never miss a deadline, we recommend using a digital calendar management tool. For example, Outlook calendar in Office 365 or Google Calendar.

Both calendar apps, being managed on the cloud, allow you to synchronize activities and appointments on all your devices. Therefore, it is possible to check and modify the commitments in real-time from any terminal by log in with the same user account.

Calendars can be integrated with mail clients, and Windows 10 supports the management of any calendar through its Calendar app.

However, many feel the need to have a 2020 calendar in Excel available to print to keep it on the desk or take it with you.

Print 2020 Excel calendar and always keep with you

Inspired by the work of David Seah, we have created a 2020 calendar in Excel format, capable of automatically reporting and highlighting all US national holidays in red (these are those shown on the page ) in addition to Sundays.

The 2020 calendar that can be downloaded by clicking here has been designed in such a way as to occupy two A4 sheets (the calendar can therefore be printed on both sides of the page): six months on the first sheet, six months on the second.

By default, the calendar shows the holidays of 2020, but by simply changing the year in cell B1 of the spreadsheet and pressing the Enter key, the calendar will update itself.

2020 Calendar in Excel Format with Holidays - Image 1

For example, try typing 2021 instead of 2020: the calendar will show all the months of the year with the holidays’ indications. It is possible to indicate not only future years but also past ones.

The conditional formatting allows you to highlight Sundays and other national holidays indicated in the sheet called Holiday.

2020 Calendar in Excel Format with Holidays - Image 2

The first and third conditional formatting formulas (see figure) highlight Sundays in red, the second and fourth to mark national holidays, the fifth to show or hide February 29 depending on whether the year is a leap or not.

Easter and Easter Monday are automatically calculated using the formula in cell A6 of the Holiday sheet.

2020 Calendar in Excel Format with Holidays - Image 3

As you can see, the other dates are also automatically generated according to the year reported in cell B1 of the main spreadsheet. In short, our 2020 Excel calendar allows you to mark all holidays in red each year.

The 2020 calendar can be downloaded by clicking here and then opening the file in XLSX format it contains.

To change the calendar and then specify years before or after 2020, just extract the XLSX file and double-click it to open it in Excel or LibreOffice Calc.

The 2020 calendar can also be uploaded to Office Online and opened for free with Excel Online: the spreadsheet’s functioning will be completely identical.

We ensure that the 2020 calendar to be printed is also usable as a spreadsheet and not only in paper format: columns D, H, L, P, T, X allow you to enter notes, comments, and reminders directly from Excel, LibreOffice Calc or Excel Online. Adjacent columns (in which there are essential formulas) are hidden.

Once you have added notes in the free cells next to the days’ names shown in the calendar, you can save the file or print it.

The Excel file is not compatible with Google Sheets since some formulas are currently not correctly imported.