7 Awesome Tech Gadgets and Accessories to Help You Work from Home Like a Boss


Tech Gadgets and Accessories to Help You Work from Home

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Can you believe that many of us are closing in on two years of the pandemic and working from home? Apparently, time flies even when you’re not having any fun. Anyways, while we can’t do much about ending the pandemic except following the rules and being responsible, we can do many things to make our workdays more comfortable and productive.

So if you’re looking to treat yourself or your loved ones with great remote-work presents, here are the top tools, gadgets and accessories to consider:

A light and powerful laptop

A laptop is the number one necessity for everyone working from home. This piece of tech allows you to handle everything from Excel tables to video editing, plus they are portable and lightweight and 100% versatile. It’s certainly important to consider the price, but a new laptop is a great investment that doesn’t deserve any skimping—there’s no cutting corners with quality tech.

If you’re choosing a laptop for yourself or your loved one, follow these guidelines: screen size of 13 inches or similar, weight less than 1.5 kg, processor that’s as fast as you can afford, 8GB RAM, SSD 256GB storage, and a decent battery life that will go at least for 8 hours.

Accessories to Help You Work from Home

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Widescreen, high-resolution monitor

Some jobs require a little bit more screen space than 13 inches, so investing in an extra monitor or, even better, an ultrawide one can be an amazing purchase for this holiday season. Monitors like BenQ have a lot of fans if you’re just looking for a casual purchase, but if you’re ready to go ultrawide, LG will satisfy all your needs. All in all, anything that’s at least 34 inches wide and comes with a resolution of at least 1440px will be a treat for regular laptop users.

Wireless keyboard and mouse

If you’re working remotely from a co-working space or a café, you probably don’t want to pack any unnecessary gear. However, if you have a home office with a practical U-shaped desk with plenty of space, these accessories are a must. First of all, if you have long sessions in front of your computer, a good ergonomic keyboard and mouse will reduce any strain and boost comfort. Secondly, your laptop will stay pretty and healthy for longer as these accessories reduce wear and tear.

Now, if you often switch between devices when working, something that’s compatible with multiple devices is a great purchasing idea. For instance, Logitech K780 can pair with three devices and also hold a smartphone or tablet for comfortable use. These gadgets will make your work-from-home a breeze.

Portable eye massager

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Portable eye massager

Many of us are indeed working even more from home than from our offices, and this habit can take a big toll on our eyes and brain. To make your breaks truly effective and relaxing for your entire body, don’t immediately reach for your phone but grab a portable eye massager that will help relieve tired and strained eyes. The new smart air pressure system combined with the heated massaging technology is a perfect solution to gentle eye relaxation that will relieve pressure, relax your brain and clear your mind so you can continue crushing it at work.

Noise-canceling headphones

Working from home has many advantages, but unless you live alone, it also brings a lot of distractions. To reduce ambient noise, you will want to have good wireless noise-canceling headphones so you can enjoy crisp audio without interruptions.

Adjustable laptop stand

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Adjustable laptop stand

Running a business from home allows you to work from many different environments depending on your mood. Sure, working from your living room or dining room with a view is great, but these chairs are not exactly made for office work—they simply lack true ergonomic style. With a portable and adjustable laptop stand, you can minimize neck-craning and reduce back pain as you sit hunched over your laptop.

This gadget raises your screen to your eye level and fixes your posture so you feel better and work more efficiently. Some models also allow working while standing up, which means you can squeeze some physical activity, stretch your legs and activate more muscles while you work.

Stylish cord organizer

Many of our home office equipment and gadgets come with cords that tend to tangle or spread all over our floors. Well, with a neat cord organizer, you can keep your cables protected and eliminate all the clutter and trip hazards. You can find cord organizers made with leather and metal features so they can even boost the aesthetic appeal of your home office.

In conclusion

With these home office gadgets, you will enjoy your remote work more than ever and even feel sad when it’s time to return to your office building. Happy holidays and happy shopping!