PS5 Simulator, the free game in which to unbox and install a PS5 (and forget for a few minutes that you don’t have a reservation)


PS5 Simulator the free game in which to unbox and install a PS5

Raise your hands. Who firmly believes that it will take longer to see a PS5 natural than it did to see a 500 euro bill that was not Monopoly. Well, for those who have run out of PS5, this game can be a fun way to console themselves.

PS5 Simulator, available in, invites us to live the experience of receiving a PS5 at home and having to deal with everything that involves installing the new Sony console. The typical silly physics game with which to laugh during the 10 minutes that the joke will last.

Connect the cables, make room for the console in the living room, load the controller and deal with all the connection problems of a new machine. If you want to see what awaits you in full, you can see it in the following video without downloading the game.

More than the gameplay, the main assets are the constant jokes that are made on PS5 and its possibilities, from a game in which all the workers that appear in the credits are Hideo Kojima to the idea that the SSD is so fast that the games are over even before they start.