9 good apps to divide and share expenses or bills

How often has it happened to you that you go out to eat with your friends, and when it comes to paying, it takes time for them to agree? And if you go on vacation, how do you share expenses? Not everyone can collect money from a friend when expenses are shared, but that has a solution, and here we are going to show you

We bring you nine applications to share group expenses; you can use them from your mobile; they are free and easy to handle, so you will not have to worry more when paying and sharing bills. But if what you are looking for are apps to keep your accounts, check out these nine spending control applications.

Top apps to divide and share expenses or accounts

Forget about taking accounts on a piece of paper or calculator; with these apps, you will have many options that will make your life easier, such as dividing the accounts by the consumption of each person, dividing the total of a bill in equal parts, keeping track of who owes you to who and much more.

  • Tri count – Divide expenses and bills among friends
  • Solid – Share expenses
  • Sister – Share expenses with friends
  • Settle up – Group expenses
  • Group Expense – track expenses
  • Clear Accounts
  • TravelSpend – Travel Expenses and Budget
  • Splitter – Expense Splitting
  • Splitwise – Accounts and Expenses

Tri count – Divide expenses and bills among friends

Tri count Divide expenses and bills among friendsThis application is responsible for doing all the calculations to divide expenses into three simple steps. First, you enter what type of expense you will register, the amount, and the participants who will receive a link to access.

You can also see the balance in real-time; if someone leaves the stipulated budget immediately, there is an alert. All participants can edit, add or delete information; in the same way, they will receive notifications of those changes. An extra plus for this app is that it works without Internet access.

Solid – Share expenses

Another app that you can use to share expenses is Solid; its interface is very simple and works great without an Internet connection; you can also export the information in PDF format or an Excel file.

This app is very smart to split accounts unevenly. Additionally, it has more than 150 types of currency, and best of all, it does not contain advertising.

Sister – Share expenses with friends

If you live as a couple and want to share expenses, Sister is for you, although you can also use it with your group of friends since each person can join and add an expense; however, you can password protect access to the groups you create.

It is simple to use, and you do not need to register with email; you can also export the information in a spreadsheet and use it on your mobile or computer.

Settle up – Group expenses.

This app has a very original bubble design that is quite easy to use. It includes a calendar for payments, different types of currencies, and the option to export the data to email.

In addition to creating your groups to share expenses, you can join close groups of other people. The paid version allows you to disable ads and attach images.

Group Expense – track expenses

If you are going on a trip with friends, nothing better than using Group Expense; you can create a group to share all the information and keep track of what each one has paid and see if someone owes someone else money.

This application is quite simple to use, you will not require passwords or user names, and you can use them without an Internet connection, although to synchronize and update the accounts of the other members of the group, you will always require Internet.

Clear Accounts

This is a complete app to divide expenses, easy to use, and it is completely in Spanish. It has great functions such as: rounding the accounts so as not to return results with decimals, you can select the group participants from your contact list, and you can also share the results of the expenses by WhatsApp.

TravelSpend – Travel Expenses and Budget

Suppose you are one of those who travel alone, as a couple, or with friends. In that case, TravelSpend will like you, as it is excellent for calculating shared expenses while converting almost any currency into local currency.

Additionally, you can see who owes whom, divide all invoices, check balances, and close debts. Finally, all that information can be exported in an Excel file.

Splitter – Expense Splitting

This app has endless features; for example, it allows you to create groups of fixed friends and groups for an occasion. It calculates the expenses of everyone in the group and also the amount that must be given by each person to whom he paid the bill if this was the case.

It has other interesting functions such as exporting the information to PDF format and Excel file, it has an expense calculator, among others.

Splitwise – Accounts and Expenses

Splitwise Accounts and ExpensesFinally, we mention this app that is very popular for its simplicity. It allows you to store, designate and share expenses with your friends or for a particular reason. It has the reminder function both for you and the rest of the people who have outstanding debts.

It has a currency converter; you can group expenses by category, among other functions. If you want to know more about this app.