After stoking the rumors of Silent Hill, the creator of Abandoned shows his face to deny it and begins to erase previous messages

After stoking the rumors of Silent Hill the creator of Abandoned shows his face to deny it and begins to erase previous messages

In what at this point in the film already seems to point to a commercial maneuver that has gotten out of hand, Hasan Kahraman, director of Abandoned and founder of Blue Box Game Studios, has taken to Twitter to deny his relationship with a video with Silent Hill or Hideo Kojima.

To show his face and emphasize that he is a natural person and not an actor, Hasan reiterates in the video that he has no relationship with the Japanese developer in a new attempt to redirect the promotion of the game that will arrive on PS5 with a demo which will be available on June 25.

“Hello everyone, I am Hasan Kahraman. I want to share a quick video to show myself, to show that I am a natural person and that I am not associated with Hideo Kojima, I am not an actor, and I am not working on Silent Hill.

I just wanted to show you my face and that I am honest. I hope we can do a question and answer round very soon. We have to see when it can be and talk more. Have a nice day”.

The video came shortly after offering an interview with Bloomberg with Jason Schreier. The director reiterated that it is a game run by a small team of just ten people without subcontractors and that Abandoned has been in development for four years.

Damage control and deletion of messages

However, the ball is already large enough that any comment is taken as an additional excuse to search for references and hidden messages in their words. A situation in which, if it is finally shown that there is no relationship with the saga Konami or the Japanese genius, redirecting attention to the game is going to be very complicated.

Looking to anticipate this, the study’s damage control already offers messages as blunt as the one published a few hours ago on Twitter, assuring once again that they are an actual study and that they want to clarify any rumor or confusion to lower expectations.

In addition, they have begun to erase previous messages, such as the one that catapulted the rumors even more by inviting their followers to find a secret name. The first letter would be the S and the last letter the L. A reference that the public was not long in. relates to Silent Hill.

From here, we can only wish the best of luck to Blue Box Game Studios and trust that the conspiracy is genuine and that Kojima is behind it. Not because of the illusion that the play can make us, but because of the bump generated expectations can mean for the game.