Alibaba Takes Out The Heavy Artillery Against Shein: This Is AllyLikes, Its New Clothing Store With Worldwide Shipping

Some call it the “TikTok of electronic commerce”, due to the relationship between ‘micro-influencers’ and the product that is being sold. Shein is an online clothing store of Chinese origin that is already valued at over 15,000 million dollars and has been among the most downloaded shopping applications on iOS and Android. A true phenomenon that threatens Amazon and Zara and that is revolutionizing the sale of clothing online. So much so that Alibaba, the Chinese online commerce giant, has decided to launch its own Shein clone.

allyLikes is the new clothing sales platform owned by Alibaba and focused on the US and European markets. The store is available in Spain and aims to take advantage of the size of Alibaba to face the popularity of Shein.

Applying to the maximum the idea of ​​”dressing in the latest fashion”

Taking a look at their website we can find collections ranging from dresses to t-shirts or pants, including accessories and a small section for the home. As is the case with Shein, the prices of allyLikes are demolishing, partly because they regularly plagiarize the designs of Zara and other brands.

Shirts for less than 15 euros or leather jackets for less than 30 euros are unusual levels, but they are common in these stores. Following philosophies such as Primark’s and its aggressive pricing policy, allyLikes focuses on rapid stock rotation to try to maintain a competitive catalog. As described by SCMP, the store has more than 500 new products every week.

Like Shein, allyLikes works with social media influencers who help sell various clothing collections. These micro-influencers are offered benefits such as sponsored products and 50% commissions on sales .

Applying to the maximum the idea of ​​dressing in the latest fashion

Analyst Packy McCormick describes in Not Boring that with those prices “they make Amazon look expensive.” They also point out that “Shein does not have its style. They are a reflection of the style of each country, in real-time, based solely on data .” To achieve this, in the case of Shein, they go from testing to production in seven days, half of what happens in Zara. Because of this, these stores can try many more styles per garment.

With this combination of commissions for micro-influencers, low prices, and a catalog that is constantly changing, new clothing stores like Shein or allyLikes want to rival the powerhouses of the fashion industry. Two new stores that, like TikTok, come from China and have a great pull among the younger audience.