Amazon Fresh: What It Is And How It Works

Amazon Fresh what it is and how it works

We will explain what Amazon Fresh is and how it works, the new service from the online commerce giant that is beginning to arrive in Spain in 2021. Initially, they will start offering the service in Madrid, but Amazon’s idea is to gradually reach other Spanish cities throughout 2021.

So that you do not have any doubts about the service, we will start by explaining what exactly Amazon Fresh is and what this service is for. Then, we will tell you the basic information so that you can understand how it works.

What is Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh is an online grocery service created by Amazon. The idea is to compete with the home delivery services of traditional supermarkets only within Amazon’s ecosystem and website. You will use the same account and data for all other Amazon purchases.

Amazon Fresh is not a national service but must be activated in each city so that you can buy and receive products living in it. Home deliveries are made on the same day, so if one morning you ask to make the purchase, that same day, you will receive all the products you have ordered.

Amazon Fresh begins its journey officially arriving in Madrid and is expected to also arrive in Barcelona in the coming weeks. The company intends to expand this offer to reach “millions of customers throughout Spain throughout 2021”. Therefore, if you want to use it, you will have to enter periodically, and when you enter, you will know if it is still unavailable in your city.

Amazon Fresh arrives offering more than 10,000 supermarket products in its catalog, so you will have a large amount of variety at your service. In addition, we must add that the shipping costs will be free from 50 euros, which means that if you buy products with a total value greater than that amount, you will not have to pay to take them home. It will be available seven days a week, so you can purchase it even on Sunday.

Finally, Amazon Fresh is an exclusive service for Amazon Prime customers, so you will have to be subscribed to Amazon Prime to purchase in this section. Shipments will be made to the address you have configured in your Amazon user account.

How to use Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is used like the rest of Amazon, meaning the checkout process is the same. The difference is that it has a specific subpage, and you can automatically enter this section through You will go to the page you see in the screenshot above.

On the Amazon Fresh page, you will find an index with all the categories that you have available to make your purchases. Above, you’ll also see several different tabs, including one to view your past orders or for-sale products, plus more categories. Below the index, you will see several sections of personalized recommendations.

If the service is unavailable in your city, you will receive an automatic notification every time you enter the Amazon Fresh website. This notification will be displayed depending on the city configured in your Amazon user account to receive all your orders.

Now, the rest of the process is that of Amazon’s products. Go to the Fresh products you want to buy and add them to the shopping cart. Then simply checkout as you would any other product. Upon entering each one, there will be a tab with photos and descriptions.