Smart Notebook Exchange


Smart Notebook is software that is purposely designed to supplement the use of the Smart Board. The software provides a variety of ways to improve presenting interactive lessons as it enables users to create interactive presentations. It also allows you to generate notebook files, including text, graphics, lines, animations, tables, shapes and much more. With Smart Notebook software, you can present your file and maintain your attention in class as you move and interact with these objects.

Besides, the software allows you to write the input of the suggestions and comments provided by your class on the page using digital ink. Smart Notebook software is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows computer, which means that you can open notebook files in the software in any of them. It also allows you to export your file in different formats, including PDF and HTML.  

Smart Notebook is available to UIS faculty at no cost through the webstore. Moreover, you can install the third-party add-ons and SMART Notebook Tools that allows you to add special features to the software.  These tools include:

  •    Mixed Reality Tools for Smart Document Camera
  •    3D Tools for Smart Notebook software
  •    Smart Notebook Math Tools

The other Smart software that you might find in your computer includes Smart Ink, Smart Product Drivers, and Smart Board Tools.

  •    Smart Ink

The software allows you to draw or write on the screen using a pen in digital ink and then erase or save your notes.

  •    Smart Product Drivers

Usually, the interactive product detects contact with the screen and then relays each contact point to the connected computer with pen tool information. Smart Product Drivers helps translate the information into digital ink and mouse clicks. The software allows you to use a pen or finger to perform normal computer operations.  

  •    Smart Board Tools

Using Smart Board Tools, you can draw attention to given parts of a page. These tools include Spotlight, Pointer, Magnifier and Screen Shade.

How to Start Smart Notebook Software

When it comes to starting Smart Notebook software, you are required to double-click the Smart Notebook icon on the desktop. A tutorial file opens automatically when you start the software for the first time. The content of this file allows you to learn more about the software as well as the latest features. After checking the tutorial, select File and then New to create a new, blank file.

Navigating the User Interface

The user interface of this software includes the following components:

  •    Toolbar

This component allows you to choose and use various commands. The toolbar consists of buttons that are organized in panels.

  1. i)    Actions Panel

This panel features buttons that enable you to make changes to notebook files and browse those files.

  1. ii)    Tool panel

The panel is equipped with buttons that allow you to work and create basic objects on pages.

iii)    Plug-ins Panel

This is an additional panel appears to the right of the Actions panel if you install Software Tools such as Smart Response and Smart Notebook Math Tools.

  1. iv) Contextual Panel

The contextual panel consists of additional buttons that appear when you select any of the buttons in the Tools panel. For instance, if you choose Pens these additional buttons will appear, Pens Types, Property Selectors and Line types.

  •    Page Sorter

This displays all the pages in the open file as thumbnails. Moreover, as you change the contents of the pages, the page sorter automatically updates. The page sorter enables you to display pages, clone pages, create pages, delete pages, rearrange pages, clear pages, and group pages as well as move objects to another page.  

  •    Menu

This contains all the commands that you can use to manipulate objects and files in the software.

  •    Page area

The page area displays the content of a selected area in a file.

  •    Tabs (Gallery, Properties, Page Sorter, SMART Response, Attachments, and Add-ons)

smart notebook exchange

Smart Notebook : How to Download

Smart Notebook is available to UIS faculty at no cost through the webstore. Your Smart Notebook download includes:

•    Smart Notebook 18

•    Smart Ink 5.3

•    Smart Product Drivers 12.10

•    Smart response 2 assessments

•    Smart lab activities

•    Smart Learning Suite Online

Smart Notebook Express

This is a lightweight version of Smart Notebook collective learning software that allows you to view, save share and interact with files online. The Smart Notebook Express consists of basic and advanced features that are available on Smart Notebook software.

Smart Notebook Express Basic Features

  •    Open local file
  •    Open URL
  •    Create and Save a file
  •    Add and delete pages
  •    Navigate pages using the Page Sorter tab
  •    Add, edit and delete text
  •    Write digital ink notes
  •    Select, move, resize, order and delete objects
  •    Follow active links
  •    Ink aware program integration
  •    My Content
  •    Magnifier/Spotlight
  •    Online Help and Technical Support

Smart Notebook Express Advanced Features

  •    Undo/redo action
  •    Enhanced and Basic Adobe Flash file use
  •    Export/ Import files
  •    Infinite cloner and Clone objects
  •    Active alignment and Spellcheck
  •    Screen Capture and Gallery Essentials
  •    Insert/view multimedia
  •    Table tool and attachment tab
  •    Language support
  •    Creative, Shape and Magic Pen
  •    Animations and Properties tab
  •    Integration with Smart Response interactive response system
  •    Handwriting recognition
  •    Integration with Instant Conferencing
  •    Integration with Smart Document Camera and Smart Pen Tray

Smart Notebook for Teachers

Smart Notebook is available as part of the Smart Learning suite that is purposely designed for teachers and students. It combines Notebook with game-based learning software, student collaboration, and assessment to create enhancing learning experiences. Smart Notebook for teachers comes with a host of features that designed for education.

With the software, you can get one-touch access to formative assessments, move around in the classroom while keeping control of your lesson using your tablet, and easily create activities. In addition, you can also install Smart Notebook on your home computer and use it to send lessons directly to your classroom’s SMART Board.

Smart Notebook contains everything that you need as a teacher. It provides for integration with thousands of free lesson resources and mobile devices and includes subject-specific tools that make learning easy and full of fun. Besides, it is compatible with any operating system or any interactive display, and it is flexible.  It offers an evolving platform that allows you to standardize it across any district. Finally, Smart Notebook is specially designed for schools and is used by about 2.4 million educators across the globe.


Smart Notebook software comes with subject-specific features, lesson creation tools and endless ways to amaze students and educators. The software makes classes to come alive as it allows everyone to participate in its lessons from anywhere using any device. Moreover, the Smart Notebook includes thousands of question sets, lesson plans, and widgets as well as other content that you can download and open in the software. This makes it one of the leading lesson creation and delivery software.