Smart Exchange Games


Smart exchange games are made up of a whiteboard, which has a sensitive touch and a projector connected to a computer that uses a particular software to exhibit the image of the computer. This software package and equipment issues a totally brand new domain to the education field.

In the past, the teachers or the students were using chalk, eraser, paper, and pencil in every facet of the day-to-day lesson. But nowadays they utilize an intuitive technique, point, and touch with the use of a finger so as to commerce with the smartboard.

Importance of Smart Exchange Games

Smart exchange games offer several benefits to both learners and educators. These include:

  •    It provides the teachers with multifaceted lessons for their students by enabling the learners to commerce with the board of various means.
  •    The smartboard has tools that allow the students to be occupied in the session and cooperate with each other by operating simultaneously on the same lesson.
  •    It helps the learners to commerce with the session comfortably. This is by utilizing their finger, special pens, or other soft items for moving, erasing, drawing, writing and at the same time controlling the content that is on the smartboard.
  •    The smartboard game has a simpler method for teachers to address several styles of learning.
  •    The students can use multi-touch to recognize countries on different bits of the same map or work on math problem through the use of various approaches.
  •    The smart exchange games also provide an enjoyable and easy way for learners to examine their knowledge through what most of them look as a game-like approach with some using a softball that is thrown on the board to give the aspect of touch.
  •    These games can add the attentiveness of problem solving or note taking to the student whereby the teacher clicks on the object so as to show the text behind it.
  •    The smartboard also helps in the completion of the management of daily classroom whereby the students drag their names to show that they are present for the day.

Smart Exchange Games

How the Smartboard Works

There are 3 things that are required for a smart board to work. These are:

  1.    Projector– it is used to display the image to the board through your computer.
  2.    Smartboard– it authorizes the interaction with the image displayed.
  3.    Computer– it can either be a laptop, notebook or a desktop computer.

The smartboard directly displays everything that is run on your computer, which includes using programs and applications like an auto CAD, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. Therefore, you can share everything as well as do anything in the class through the use of smartboard.

How Smartboards are used

The possibilities of the smartboard are endless since you can do most of the things with it which makes it so interactive. It authorizes the person using it to work with a huge amount of information hence enhancing immediate access to electronic or media resources of any kind.

Moreover, it authorizes more than one person to use it concurrently. The use of smartboards in class promotes active studying whereby learners become more keen and avid to participate therefore upgrading learning.

Smartboards can be used in various places such as in training, meetings, classrooms, and delivering presentations. By use of a straightforward and easy interface, the smartboards become user-friendly to the students and teachers at any level of age. It uses 3 main components which are:

  •    Smartboard software– It comes along with the smartboard hence authorizing the use of more collaborative activities and games.
  •    Touch recognition– It allows the persons to write with a pen or any object so as to steer, direct the screen by use of their fingers, and delete writings by the use of palms of their hands.
  •    Pen tray– It exactly works same as the chalkboard. Just the smartboard comes with 4 pens of green, red, blue, and black in color, it does not mean that the smartboard will depend on the four pens. Hence, other objects like pencil, finger, or ball can be used to write on it.

Smart Notebook

This is a software that enables you to create and project interactive games, lessons, and activities. Learners and teachers can use these smartboards to learn about science, health, math, social studies, foreign language, and music. There are links that have a variety of these smartboards. These include the following:

  •    Scholastic Lessons– this provides some activities that are useful for the smartboard interactive whiteboard. Math, famous people, science, earth day and phonics are some of the topics.
  •    Scholastic great games and activities– the ideal lessons for the smart notebook are provided by the scholastic so as to use any whiteboard interactive on this website. Categories of the subdivide lessons include math and science, language arts, learning games, teaching tools, and social studies.
  •    Scholastic lessons for math notebook- scholastic website provide interactive lessons for a whiteboard that are created by teachers and for teachers. The concepts ready for use in the classroom are perimeter, area, and state of matter.
  •    The smart notebook smart exchange– it is the best place to share and connect with other teachers and locate lesson plans for the smartboard.
  •    Scholastic lessons for Earth Day- scholastic website provide perfect smartboard interactive lessons to strengthen the idea of reuse, recycle and reduce to learners of all ages. These lessons are ready for use in your classroom since they have already been created and tested.

Smart Notebook Express

This is a web application that enables anybody to open and utilize the files of Smart Notebook on numerous devices and from anywhere. It is also a trivial type of Smart Notebook cooperative software for learning that can always be accessed online at no charge, which means that the is no software to download and you do not have to log in.

Anybody with an internet connection is able to use the Smart Notebook Express to:

  •    Share the files of the Smart Notebook with any person and everywhere.
  •    Open the files of Smart Notebook on any personal technology device like a mobile phone or any computer.
  •    Edit or create the files of Smart Notebook suitably and faster.


The role of the teacher in the classroom has been changed through the invention of the Smartboard. When the teacher has small creativity and effort, he or she can make any lesson to appear more energetic and even entertaining for the students. The commitment of the students in learning can increase when electronic devices such as Smart Exchange Games are introduced in education since television, video games and other electronic devices entertain the students. Therefore, motivating the desire of students to learn and also engaging them is what education is all about.