Atlus prepares the 25th anniversary of the Persona saga anticipating the revelation of seven surprises in the coming months

Atlus prepares the 25th anniversary of the Persona saga anticipating

We are approaching the fifth anniversary of Persona 5, the last major numbered installment in the Atlus franchise. A resounding success has shown that the style of play proposed by the company triumphs far beyond Asian territory.

It is also just around the corner the 25th anniversary of the saga, with the launch of Revelation: Persona for the first PlayStation in September 1996. That is why Atlus has opened a website to commemorate all these years of games Person.

Best of all, they don’t have one or two announcements ready but will reveal up to seven surprises between September 2021 and fall 2022. Among the little information that the web shows, we have the proud claim that Persona has exceeded 15 million copies sold worldwide.

To show its “gratitude,” Atlus will reveal “everything from 25th-anniversary articles and various events to game news and more.” Of course, what many want is the arrival of Persona 6, something that the director of the saga has recently spoken about.

As revealed from Comicbook, Naoto Hiraoka has revealed that he feels the pressure to create a game that surpasses the previous one, referring to the future Persona 6. All in all, ” Overcoming Persona 5 will be difficult with the current staff. I want to overcome this massive hurdle with everyone joining us.”