Best Alternatives To Google Photos: Upload Your Photos To The Cloud For Free

There is life beyond Google Photos if you are looking for free storage to save your photos and videos, and these alternatives confirm it.

Google Photos is one of the best Google services, without a doubt, and that has tough competition. The cloud photo and video storage platform is a safe place to keep your media content.

However, after the removal of free unlimited Google Photos storage, you may be looking for an alternative that allows you to continue saving your images in the cloud without having to pay in exchange.

This article was born with the intention, to recommend the best alternatives to Google Photos in which to upload your photos to the cloud for free.

Next, we tell you everything you need to know about these 7 platforms. Analyze the information well and choose which will be the new home of your photos and videos after Google Photos.

Best alternatives to Google Photos upload your photos to the cloud for free

The best alternatives to Google Photos with unlimited storage

  • Amazon Pictures
  • Telegram
  • MEGA
  • ice drive
  • pCloud
  • MediaFire
  • dubox

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