Top Reasons Why PDF is Better than Word


There’s no running away from the fact that electronic documents are being used everywhere across the globe. They are not only used for professional matters but also for sharing valuable information with one another. Therefore, such requirements can easily be fulfilled with the use of PDF files. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that PDF documents are globally popular and continue to be a rage.

How to Convert PDF to word without using MS Office

What is the PDF File Format?

For your information, the PDF is a read-only document where the modifications can only be made by leaving an electronic footprint within the file. Hence, when you see the “read-only” feature, it is only available due to the court of law. Secondly, the reason why these files are so popular is that they require less space and can be quickly stored on the server. This is enough reason for many business owners to put faith in the veracity of the PDF documents.

Furthermore, when a user puts faith in the PDF document, they can rest assured about the security concerns since the document format is safe.

Here, we will walk you through a few strong reasons why the PDF document is better than a word or any other file format:

PDF Document is Universal

In simple words, a PDF document is staunchly independent of the use of any software. Although it is easier to edit a document in Word format, problems will arise when the document is on Mac. However, if the document has been saved in PDF format, the files will appear on every device, and not even a single change to the content will be registered. You can download SODAPDF to make sure all of your files are kept safe.

Decreased File Size

The intriguing thing about the PDF format is, you can rest assured about decreasing the total size of the file without any changes to the picture quality inside. Because the PDF version consumes little space already, it can quickly be uploaded on the company site. With the PDF format, you are entitled to merging several documents in a single file. Especially when pictures, audio, or a presentation is concerned, you could easily be adding everything to a single platform.

Easy to Create

Regardless of whichever format the file is created in, the files in Word of the PowerPoint format can quickly be converted to PDF. No wonder the creation of the PDF files is the easiest and doesn’t entail the investment of a lot of time. However, you need to be particular when choosing the content you want to infuse into the files. For your information, some of the best-known editors are classic PDF, PDF escape: soda Pdf, and Sejda.

Interactive Documents

No wonder the PDF documents are highly interactive. With a PDF document, the user can easily infuse music, videos, hyperlinks, and other media inside the document. Even if the document is shared with another user on a different platform, the inside content won’t be changed at all.

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