9 Best Gaming Accessories To Have For Online Gaming


Best Gaming Accessories To Have For Online Gaming

Online gaming has evolved to a point where it is now a full-on career. And in a world where we’re often told that screen time and gaming are frivolous, this is wonderful. Australia’s No. 1 Choice For Racing, Flight & Golf Simulation | Gamer Gear Direct understands the growing passion for gaming and offers enthusiasts top-notch equipment to enhance their gaming experience. You can compete against your friends and — if you are a superstar gamer — even on the international stage in gaming tournaments.

Gamers are often cool people who tend to get quite protective over their gaming hardware. Just like you should never touch a software developer’s tools, do not think you can borrow a gamer’s mouse: it’s just not going to happen. And on that note, let us look at the best gaming accessories you buy for your online gaming adventures.

A gaming headset

Do not listen to anyone that tells you a gaming headset is not important. It is considered one of the most important in your gaming inventory. Not only is a high-quality headset necessary, but it is also one of the best gaming gadgets you can own. For a truly amazing and immersive experience, find a headset with surround sound capabilities, noise cancelation, and comfortable cushioning. The idea is to communicate effectively with gaming teammates and feel comfortable doing so.

Mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboard

These legendary keyboards are great for gaming because they provide the following: tactile key feedback. Serious gamers also find it helpful to customize the backlighting and program the macro keys, and some of the keyboards even come with anti-ghosting technology. A mechanical keyboard works well for online gamers because it provides a faster response time that aids in accuracy.

Gaming mouse

You might have thought that any old mouse would do, but this is simply not true. A gaming mouse is specifically developed for gaming. If it comes with high dots per inch and adjustable sensitivity levels, you know you will enjoy precise movements when necessary. Furthermore, a gaming mouse with a high DPI is critical for first-person shooter games since it provides for accurate aiming to get your targets.

Gaming mouse

Gaming controllers

Some online gamers prefer gaming controllers over a mouse and keyboard. Gaming controllers offer so many benefits, such as responsive buttons and comfortable grips (ergonomics for the win), and some of them are even customizable. If you buy a wireless one, it allows you to move as freely as you want. WINNING!


Now we are getting into the nitty gritty, the real MVP of gaming. There is simply no way you can have a quality online gaming experience using an average monitor. While daily use monitors are fine for work and studying, they simply do not work for gaming. Online gaming requires you to have a monitor with a high refresh rate and a low response time, ensuring your gameplay is smooth without any lag. If you are looking for a monitor, opt for one with a refresh rate of at least 144Hz and a response time of 1 ms. Both of these reduce motion blur and eliminate any possibility of lag.

A mouse pad

The humble mouse pad is one gaming accessory often overlooked by gamers. Yes, even gamers get it wrong sometimes. However, it is never too late to make those upgrades. A mouse significantly impacts your gameplay, providing a smooth surface so you can move your mouse precisely and reducing friction which aids in accuracy. You can opt for a mouse pad that only holds your mouse or choose the larger ones that cover your whole desk. The bigger options offer ample space, so whether you move your mouse over a small or large area, you will have no problems.

Gaming chair

If you are playing online games for hours, chances are you will feel some body aches, so it stands to reason that an ergonomic chair plays a vital role in gaming. Comfort is ideal for long gaming sessions and can make a huge difference. Invest in a gaming chair that provides the necessary support and comfort. Look for ones with padding on the areas of concern, such as your back and neck. Well-designed gaming chairs specifically look after good posture, so get one today!


These are great for those gamers who stream their gameplay live and for those who want to become professional gamers. Look for a webcam that has a high-definition display — the idea is for your followers to see exactly what you are playing without pixelation. Also, check that the webcam has autofocus, low-light correction, and even noise canceling in its built-in microphone, or consider buying a microphone to complete your streaming setup.

A great desk

If you are playing online games on your computer, you will need a desk, preferably one that has enough storage for your gaming gadgets as well. Most gamers have multiple screens, so you must also ensure your desk is sturdy. Find one that offers enough space for your screens and accessories all in one place.

There are so many gaming accessories available today. Just a few years ago, gamers would struggle to find the gaming accessories they needed for a comfortable experience. Today, you can find anything from a gaming mouse all the way to a gaming chair. Remember that quality is always better and that comfort matters too!