Best Handheld Yacuum Cleaners: Which One To Buy And 7 + 1 Recommended Models From Just Over 30 Euros

Best handheld vacuum cleaners which one to buy and 7 + 1 recommended models from just over 30 euros

If, like Monica Geller, you lose your cool when crumbs fall on your sofa or simply pass on the duster in favor of a much more effective appliance when it comes to removing dirt (after all, a duster only moves it around) ), then a handheld vacuum cleaner is a must for your domestic cleaning. Compact and manageable, this type of vacuum cleaner is ideal for small cleaning, but which one should I buy? In this handheld vacuum cleaner buying guide, we help you choose the model that best suits your needs and budget and we offer you a careful selection of candidates.

What hand vacuum to buy

First of all, keep in mind that they are more of a complement than a vacuum cleaner for comprehensive domestic cleaning. They are named like this because of their small size, which has the advantage of greater manageability, ideal both for small spaces such as the car and for specific cleaning, for example, window rails.

Due to their format, they are not practical for floors and carpets (you would have to clean on your knees), in which case it is better to bet on a more versatile wireless broom-type vacuum cleaner.

The handicap of its small dimensions is that it contains less space to integrate fundamental elements for a good experience such as the suction motor, the solids tank, or a battery, in case it is wireless. In this sense, we will be limited by autonomy and suction capacity.

Currently, the most popular models are precisely those without cables, although below we propose a candidate of great popularity among Xataka editors with cable. Less common, they have no “excuse” for not integrating a more ambitious motor, although we will have to depend on there being a plug nearby.

When choosing a handheld vacuum, keep in mind:

  • Design, materials, and weight. If one of the strengths of this type of vacuum cleaner is that they are manageable, the vacuum cleaner must be comfortable in the hand, which it achieves through an ergonomic handle, lightweight construction, and even wheels to support it on surfaces and to slide better. They are usually made of plastic, a material that is robust and moderately light.

  • It’s suction capacity. This is a tricky question since most manufacturers offer the watts that the motor consumes. A more powerful engine indeed has the potential to suck more, but it will depend on other factors such as efficiency. In this sense, it helps more to know the Pascals (or kPa) or the air watts, but they are rare data in this format. If a manufacturer provides them, it is usually a good sign.

  • Autonomy. Although some people limit themselves to giving the mAh of the integrated battery, it is more practical to know how many minutes we have to clean. Be careful because if the vacuum cleaner has two power modes, it is usual for the autonomy data to correspond to the one with the lowest power. These types of vacuum cleaners offer a range of 10 minutes or more. A note to consider: this type of device has a rather slow charging speed.

  • Deposit capacity. The B side of a very light vacuum cleaner is that it will not have space for components and that it will have a small tank. It is not a problem beyond having to be aware of emptying it (something that usually works through a fast system) or that you are going to deal with a large amount of dirt. The starting point is 100 ml.

  • Filters. Ideally, if you have health problems related to allergies or respiratory problems, it should integrate a HEPA filter, a high-efficiency type that meets certain standards. Unfortunately, it is not very common in this format, generally considered “affordable”.

What hand vacuum to buy

  • Accessories. Because cleaning dust from a shelf is not the same as picking up crumbs from the tablecloth or removing hair from the sofa, if you want an all-terrain handheld vacuum cleaner, that complements good autonomy and power figures with accessories for your needs. The most common due to their use scenario are the corners and the brushes. If you have pets, pay attention to “Animal Care” versions with mini motorized brushes that will help you in the difficult mission of catching them.

Featured models

featured models 4

When we tried the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini ( 37 euros ) it was a very compact size and it comes with two accessories, two premises that invite you to always have it on hand because it works the same foriles as for corners.

With two modes of use and almost half an hour of power (as long as you use the least ambitious mode), it is a true pocket-sized all-terrain model with which you only have to worry about its small tank. The final accolade is its price: it is much more affordable than models with similar features.

14 Kpa of power and up to 20 minutes of autonomy are the letters of introduction of the Cecotec Conga Rockstar Micro 8000 ( 59 euros ), a combination that makes it an all-terrain model (within what can be expected from the format): from cleaning the dust the whole house with the Eco mode to focus on the dirt embedded in a cushion with the Turbo or simply remove crumbs from the tablecloth.

With a minimalist design and 0.6 kg of weight, its strong point is its manageability and its less good side, a very small 100 ml tank. Includes two accessories, one for upholstery and one for corners.

featured models 5Classic design for this simple Bosch Hogar Move ( 69 euros ), a handheld vacuum cleaner with simplicity as its flagship, with a single speed and up to 12 minutes of autonomy that evokes ‘Fast and deadly’, inviting us to be the “gunslinger ” fastest in the west when it comes to liquidating small solids that are deposited on surfaces. Suitable for hassle-free cleaning. Includes a corner.

This Taurus Liberty Digital ( 84 euros ) stands out for its balance between lightness, power, autonomy, and eye, even fast charging, the latter a rare virtue in this type of device. With 1kPa of suction, up to 15 minutes of autonomy, and a lightweight and compact format, it includes a corner holder for corners or hard-to-reach places, a multipurpose brush for furniture and upholstery, and a charging stand.

featured models 6

Lightness and power are the assets of the Rowenta Xtouch Ac9736 ( 91 euros ), a compact cylindrical vacuum cleaner capable of vacuuming 492 liters per minute.

With an autonomy of up to 10 minutes using the least powerful mode, it is used for occasional cleaning of the house or car with its small upholstery brush or its nozzle for hard-to-reach slots.

This AEG ( 111 euros ) combines a classic design with two ingenious mini wheels to slide it more easily on surfaces. With two speeds, a theoretical autonomy of up to half an hour, and two accessories, it is a very manageable off-road model for all types of surfaces.

featured models 7

It is neither a cheap vacuum cleaner nor is it particularly compact, but what you lose in lightness you gain in a more ambitious cleaning that, for example, could be used to combine in domestic cleaning with a robot vacuum cleaner for floors. The BLACK+DECKER BHHV520 ( 144 euros ) is a high-performance handheld vacuum cleaner with a large 700 ml tank, 21-minute autonomy, and a motorized brush to deal with our pet hair.



This Hoover ULTRAVORTEX MBC500UV ( 99 euros ) is the “official” Xataka handheld vacuum cleaner. The reason? His good work in homes with pets has spread like wildfire.

With a very long 5-meter cable, three truly powerful cleaning modes, and an antibacterial UV lamp as the icing on the cake, what we like the most is that when you see a clean sofa and pass it, you will discover how its 300 ml tank fills up. . Or what is the same: its surprising suction capacity.

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