Best witch and magic series to watch on Netflix

The film and television allow us to protect ourselves and our lives from glimpsing other realities, as we present the multimedia content that can be displayed on Netflix, evoking magicexcitement, and some other witch, by the way. If you want to spend some time of emotion, mystery, and spells, as we have recommended with series like Destiny: The Winx Saga, stay with us.

Best witch and magic series to watch on Netflix

Whether you want to witness the majesty of Geralt of Rivia, watch young Sabrina put the entire underworld in check, have fun with the adventures of young witches, or learn about black magic and its strange relationship with werewolves, we have the perfect series for you, available on Netflix Spain.

Be careful with the magic present in our selection of series on Netflix

You will not take your eyes off the screen with this list of series, ranging from the fun and iconic The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to the essential The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill.

  • Worst witch
  • Luna Nera
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • Magical Affairs Agency
  • Destination: The Winx Saga
  • The witcher
  • The order
  • Shadow Hunters: The Mortal Instruments
  • Damned
  • The Shannara Chronicles
  • The warrior nun
  • Shadow and Bone
  • Marline
  • The October Faction
  • Hakan the Protector

Worst witch

We started with a series that addresses a more infantile public, that often we forget the little ones when we make recommendations, and has as its protagonist to Mildred Hubble, a girl who will receive the invitation as a broom to go to the Cackle Academy, a place of worship for the training of young witches. However, unfortunately, at least at first, the Mildred village is not prepared to assume any magical power.

– Year: 2017– Seasons: 4– Chapters: 51– Average duration: 30 minutes

Luna Nera

We are facing another story of magic, although this time it has an Italian invoice and a much more adult tone in its development, being a work practically unknown in our country. In Luna Nera, the action takes us to the 17th century, where a young woman discovers how her family is made up of generations of witches, with the fatal fate that her boyfriend’s father wants to hunt them down for practicing the black magic arts.

– Year: 2020– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 6– Approximate duration: 40 minutes

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Undoubtedly, we are facing one of the television series, available on Netflix, most popular in recent years, both for the tribute they make to the series of the 90s and the possibility of rescuing a mythical comic from the age of North American gilthead. This series tells the adventures and misadventures of Sabrina Spellman, adopted by her aunts at an early age and who, when she turns 16, must accept her destiny as a witch and all that it implies. If you want to meet women with powersbeings from the underworld, and black humor at times, this is your series.

– Year: 2018– Seasons: 4– Episodes: 36– Approximate duration: 55 minutes

Magical Affairs Agency

We continue to the rhythm of witchcraft with another television series aimed at a more adolescent audience and that was released in 2020, with a total of 20 chapters, where we can meet a young woman who, by chance, discovers the existence of a kingdom magical, pushed into oblivion by the advancement of technology. Kyra, one of the protagonists, must find a way to re-establish harmony between the supernatural world and the human world and find the resolution to mysteries that they never expected to know.

– Year: 2020– Seasons: 1– Episodes: 20– Approximate duration: 20 minutes

Destination: The Winx Saga

It seems that the public that usually sees stories related to magic and witchcraft tends to be younger than in other genres, the same thing happening in this story, from an Italian cartoon series, where we will observe the evolution of six adolescents, who live together in a boarding school for magical beings, called Escuela Alfea. One of the protagonists, Bloom, has been raised in the world of humans and harbors the possibility of uniting the magical world with the earthly world. At the same time, also, she could advocate for destruction.

– Year: 2021– Seasons: 1– Episodes: 6– Approximate duration: 50 minutes

The witcher

Based on the successful series of novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, previously adapted to video games, The Witcher chronicles the adventures of the sorcerer Geralt of Rivia, dedicated to hunting mutant monsters in a world full of fantasy. It is one of the best recent Netflix series, clearly inspired by the phenomenon of Game of Thrones, and that will make fans jump for joy; there are also fans of the most recent Superman, Henry Cavill. If you like medieval stories of witchcraft and magical powers, here you will find something different.

– Year: 2019– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 8– Approximate duration: 60 minutes

The order

If you’re getting sick of the demons and their boss by now, maybe it’s time to take a twist and go for the fiercest lycanthropes. On this occasion, we will have the opportunity to follow the story of Jack Morton, a young man who joins the mysterious Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. This secret organization uses its knowledge of black magic to search for world domination. However, werewolves, among other curious characters, will appear on the scene to check secrets that should never be revealed.

– Year: 2020– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 20– Approximate duration: 50 minutes

Shadow Hunters: The Mortal Instruments

Another of those works that leap youth literature, and there are already a few at this beginning of the century, is the series we are talking about below, and that places us in the life of a teenager named Clary Fray, who day On his birthday, he discovers what is hidden behind the world that not all people can see and that holds angelsdemons and other monsters that he must fight.

– Year: 2016– Seasons: 4– Episodes available: 55– Approximate duration: 40 minutes


The protagonist of the first season of For Thirteen Reasons, Katherine Langford, returns to the red platform with an adventure between the fantastic, the mythological and the Arthurian legends. In it, Nimue has a mysterious and powerful gift, which she will not hesitate to use against the forces of evil, in this case, embodied in the Red Paladins and King Uther. If you like the magic of medieval times, this Netflix TV series will fulfill your wishes.

– Year: 2020– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 10– Approximate duration: 55 minutes

The Shannara Chronicles

The story begins with a dying tree named Ellcrys, the essential piece of magic to protect the Four Lands from demons, locked millennia back in time. Princess Amberle Elessedil is one of those chosen to take care of this tree, but you must unlock the elves’ magic, who for thousands of years not being used. A half-elf, a druid, and a rover will try to find a way to restore life to Ellcrys.

– Year: 2016– Seasons: 2– Episodes available: 20– Approximate duration: 40 minutes

The warrior nun

Some television series premises, despite being fantastic, leave us amazed, and this is one of those occasions. As a starting point, we will find a 19-year-old girl who wakes up inside a morgue with a new opportunity in life and a strange divine artifact embedded in her back. From then on, he will be a member of a religious order, in charge of fighting demons on Earth and with forces of good and evil trying to control it. Monsters, nuns, and fantasy are at your disposal on Netflix.

– Year: 2020– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 10– Approximate duration: 40 minutes

Shadow and Bone

A new adaptation of a series of novels of great success among younger audiences by Leigh Bardugo presents us with a world divided in two by a massive barrier of darkness that lasts indefinitely. Unnatural creatures feed on human flesh, while a young soldier discovers that she possesses the power to unite an entire country. However, as she finds her full potential and trains her ability, powerful forces will try to stop her at all costs.

– Year: 2021– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 8– Approximate duration: 50 minutes


Linking with Maldita’s recommendation, we find this long-lived television series, which evokes ancient times, where magic seemed to have a supreme preponderance in the face of the darkness of knowledge and where legends like that of King Arthur were passed from word of mouth to become, for example, realities in our present, in this case through a fun and entertaining series where a young magician still does not know the powers he treasures.

– Year: 2008– Seasons: 5– Episodes available: 65– Approximate duration: 45 minutes

The October Faction

If before we were talking about a recommendation based on novels, now we are talking about an adaptation of a comic, a graphic novel if you are more exquisite, which will bring us closer to a couple of monster hunters, who, together with their twin children, will return to the parent’s family home, due to the father’s death. The ghosts of the past will be the first events that will start a bizarre story, available on Netflix, for lovers of fantasy series.

– Year: 2020– Seasons: 1– Episodes available: 10– Approximate duration: 40 minutes

Hakan the Protector

Finally, in this recommendation available on Netflix, I will show you the incredible story of Hakan, the protagonist of the Ottoman production. He started as a merchant but discovered that he had an essential connection to an ancient secret order, which is in charge of protecting the city of Istanbul. If we add to this curious argument that Hakan obtains supernatural powers from a powerful talisman, we already have one of the best Turkish offers on the red platform.

– Year: 2018– Seasons: 4– Episodes available: 32– Approximate duration: 45 minutes